Greetings Shifu, greetings fellow Dafa disciples:

It's a tremendous honor to be attending this Fa conference today with all of you. I feel quite moved, thinking about the sum of each practitioner's contribution, that is represented in this room, to this special Fa-rectification work.

For several years now, I have made my contribution to the Clearwisdom project. The work has required me to constantly enlighten to new directions arising in the Fa-rectification. The way I perform my project tasks has to be a reflection of my understanding and level. Over the past four years of doing this work, I feel I have enlightened to so many things, but for some unexplainable reason the words failed me when I wanted to write something down to share today. After passing through, what felt like a very painful experience to write this paper, I would like to share a few thoughts on three aspects of the work that I enlightened to over the recent past period.

1. Clarifying the truth to everyday people through a website project requires the same heart as if speaking to them in person

In Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference, Teacher said,

"What you expose is the evil, the evilness of that scoundrel regime, and the purpose is to restrain the evil, to eliminate the evil, and to eliminate the persecution of Dafa disciples and Dafa (Applause). It isn't about getting some ordinary people's things out in the ordinary world. So when you do things you have to do them from the standpoint of a Dafa disciple. You need to have ordinary people understand the things you do, and you don't want to make ordinary people think we're after some ordinary thing--absolutely not! Of course, as of today that which doesn't understand is just the human surface--the people of the world actually do know. And why do I say they do know? Because every being has a side that knows; he knows what Dafa is all about."

These words really touched me one day and I stopped to consider the state of my righteous thoughts and my heart when reading and improving articles. Looking within, I discovered that I often was more concerned about the workload I faced, the amount of time I had to finish it, problems with the quality of other's work and the length of individual articles. While these things are not bad to think about if one considers them with a heart of compassion, I discovered that many times I was wrapped tightly in selfish thoughts, only considering my own comfort and benefit.

This time of year is my busy season in my everyday work, which leaves me little time to do anything else. One day, I managed to stay home and read through as many articles as I could to make up for being so preoccupied with everyday matters. On that day, I must have read and improved about 15 different persecution articles that were each from 3 to 8 pages long. What surprised me was that the more of these persecution articles I read, the more righteous thoughts I had and I took even more care in improving each one to bring out the significant details in a way that everyday people could understand and feel concerned about. Instead of feeling burdened by the workload, I wondered how could I provide the maximum opportunity for sentient beings to learn more about Falun Dafa in order to position themselves correctly so they could be saved. I felt that if an article describing the persecution of a practitioner, fails to move the heart of an everyday person then this is indeed a sad situation. When reading these articles, I looked closely for ways I can improve any weaknesses in the style or quality of the writing that might create obstacles for everyday people to fully understand the sacrifice being made by fellow practitioners overseas. In the past, I would make these corrections after feeling irritated that practitioners who may have contributed could not understand or do the work as I do.

After upgrading my understanding, even though I might still make the same improvements to an article, I feel that it is my special role to supplement the efforts of other practitioners to bring out both the beauty of Dafa and also fully expose the evil in articles so that sentient beings can wake up to the truth. I consider each practitioner's effort either in writing articles or getting the information from China to overseas practitioners to be special and I should do my best both in my cultivation and also my righteous thoughts to add whatever it takes so that their contribution can play the important role it was meant to play and make the important predestined connections it was meant to have.

2. A Dafa disciple continues to clarify the truth even after the physical body is gone

During a period when numerous articles were appearing on Clearwisdom announcing the deaths of Dafa disciples, I remembered Teacher's words in Zhuan Falun. He said,

"Actually, we can see that when a person dies, the body that's put in the morgue is nothing more than just human cells in this dimension of ours. His organs, the tissues inside his body, and his entire human body, meaning, the cells in this dimension, they're what has sloughed off. But his bodies in other dimensions that are made up of material, microscopic particles that are smaller than molecules, atoms, protons, and so on, those bodies haven't died at all. They exist in other dimensions; they still exist in microcosmic dimensions. (Zhuan Falun p34 Chapter 2)"

After studying this Fa, I had a new understanding of the death case articles. I realized that even though the physical body of practitioner's who died from the persecution is no longer with us, these practitioner's efforts to validate Dafa live on through the articles we write and read about their sacrifices. Their efforts to clarify the truth of the persecution of Falun Dafa continue. With that understanding, I try to read these articles very carefully to make sure that every opportunity to improve them can be done, so that the evil can be exposed to the people and their crimes can be documented.

3. Dafa disciples form one body when the website projects are viewed as many facets of one whole effort

Recently, more website projects have been created and I have often thought about whether I should use my experience to join with more projects. Since, my time has been limited lately, I found I could not offer a consistent effort even if I had a lot of experience. I felt regretful until I realized that much of the work from Clearwisdom often appears in different forms on other websites and truth clarification projects. And at the same time I noticed that often the work on other websites appears on Clearwisdom. Then I realized that really, we are all one body working on different facets of one whole effort. If we always take the Fa as our guide in our work instead of using our human notions and skills as our guide, then we can righteously direct those skills to do the best job, benefiting the whole body website effort.