(Clearwisdom.net) With the help of Canadian practitioners, starting in June 2003, Chicago Falun Dafa practitioners began to use a big screen TV in Chinatown to clarify the truth.

The big screen TV was bought by the Canadian practitioners, and with skillful hands, practitioners designed a stand and a cart that was very useful. The TV played from morning until night, 7 to 8 hours everyday, and the sound and images were very clear even from afar. The TV mainly played short truth clarifying videos, exercise demonstrations, and videos exposing the Jiang regime's lies and the truth about the self-immolation. We also played music and dances by practitioners, all of which attracted many people. Using the TV is much more efficient and faster to let busy pedestrians receive the truth. Later we also added the truth-clarifying DVD's made by practitioners. Below the TV there is a banner that said, "Falun Dafa Is Good." When the pedestrians heard the sounds and harmonious music, they all looked toward the TV.

The Chicago Chinatown in the Chinese port square not only has many Chinese living close together but it is also a tourist spot. On weekends, neighboring Westerners, Chinese, and many tourist groups from China all gather here, so it is a very good opportunity for practitioners to clarify the truth.

1. The change in people in Chicago

There were many obstacles in using the TV to clarify the truth. However, after listening to the truth, more and more people became friendly towards us. Once there was a lady who said after watching the TV programs, "I support you. Jiang is really bad; you must persist to the end. Give me a flyer." And many people told us, "Everyone knows the truth in their hearts." Some people watched and didn't leave until the show was over.

There was a couple who was really scared at the beginning. They looked from a distance, and only after someone else came to watch the TV did they dare to go a little closer. After watching a few videos, they started to talk to the practitioners. Though they knew that the Jiang regime's propaganda were all lies, the images in their minds still disturbed them. After asking a few questions, they truly believed that Falun Gong is not at all like what the Chinese propaganda said, and they asked us where they could go to learn the exercises. We hope that they can achieve health and happiness through practicing Falun Gong.

There was a time when a few employees from a restaurant came by and watched the TV. When they were leaving, they came over and patted a practitioner's shoulder saying, "You all did very well. If we hadn't watched your video we would never know that Jiang is this bad. You all did very well, you should do this everyday and let all the Chinese people know about this."

More and more people in Chinatown now know that Falun Dafa is good. Truly, even our smallest efforts have not gone to waste.

2. Chinese people are shocked and begin to ponder

There was a practitioner's relative who is the Party Secretary and was deceived very badly. When she came to the U.S. the practitioner tried to clarify the truth to her and felt that it was very difficult. So practitioners invited her to visit the Huabu Square. After watching the TV shows including the truth about the self-immolation, this person finally really started to think about the true situation of this persecution.

Once we met a tourist group. All seemed to be government officials. They did not dare to go forward, but were still very curious so some of them walked around the TV to watch it. At the beginning we tried to give them flyers but they all declined and were afraid to talk to the practitioners. Later practitioners wearing the yellow Falun Gong T-shirts met these tourists again. The practitioners greeted them, and even though they were still afraid of receiving the materials, they smiled towards us.

3. Realizing the truth, an experience from the square

One day, only one practitioner was able to go to Chinatown to tend the TV. He had just set it up when it started to rain very hard. There was no time to push the TV and turn back, so the practitioner pulled the TV up to a store's platform. It turned out very well. Many Chinese pedestrians came and took flyers, and many Westerners also came to learn the exercises.

After a while a manager of the square who was an American came and told the practitioner that a Chinese person called and forbade him to stay there, and if he did not leave then the manager would call the police.

The practitioner stayed very calm and told him, "To tell you the truth I did not intend to be here." Continuing he said, "I work, I have a family, and it's raining. Why should I be here? It is because I have relatives in China who practice Falun Gong and are detained in jail." The manager's expression changed. The practitioner said, "I normally don't set it up here, I do it outside," pointing to the pedestrian walkway. The manager nodded in agreement. "But today it is raining; the TV is all wet...." Before he could finish, the manager walked away, grumbling, "I don't know why those people want to bring you trouble, you really don't bother anyone. I'm not going to take care of this anymore."

In playing the TV for six months, the results were always very good. The music and images were very clear, like the analysis of the Tiananmen self-immolation. The Chinese media' propaganda became transparent, and when people saw it, they became noticeably aware of the Jiang regime's shameless and despicable behavior. The songs and dances made by Falun Gong practitioners brought out the righteousness and greatness of Dafa cultivation. Not only did they bring people enjoyment, but also they let many people come to appreciate and understand Dafa cultivation. Seeing how many people can understand the truth about Falun Gong this way, the hard work was all worth it.

January 26, 2004