(Clearwisdom.net) Certain lawless authorities were very panicked after Falun Dafa practitioners in Xingtai City and Shahe City, Hubei Province successfully inserted signals clarifying the truth about Falun Gong into a local TV program around the Chinese New Year. The Hebei Province Party Committee ordered Xingtai City to "solve the case" by a deadline; otherwise the mayor would be fired. In the meantime, some officers from Hebei Province Police Department stationed in the Yongnian area have arrested several practitioners. Many Falun Dafa practitioners had no other choice but to leave their homes to avoid arrest and persecution.

Xingtai officials search and investigate at night; three Falun Dafa practitioners in Shahe City are abducted

During the night of Jan. 30, 2004, officers from every police station in Xingtai City searched and investigated Falun Dafa practitioners one by one. So far it is reported that three practitioners were abducted: Ms. Yuxia, Ms. Wang Xinying and Ms. Zhang Caixia. Another practitioner, Ms. Tang, had left home to avoid arrest, but she was arrested in Handan City and is now being detained at the Military Region's Xingtai Subdivision Guesthouse.

On Jan. 27th, persons from the National Security Division of Qiaodong District Police Department in Xingtai City issued a "wanted" notice and ordered every police station and neighborhood committee to post it everywhere, and to search for Falun Dafa practitioners Yang Qinghua and Zhang Baozhong from Xingtai City. They are accused of tapping into TV signals in a certain neighborhood in the city.

Telephone number for the National Security Division of Qiaodong District Police: 86-319-3090221

Contact policemen: Zhang Jianbao and Lu Yanbin

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Feng Ximin from Xingtai City was kidnapped on Jan. 25th. We have no further information about her. Another practitioner from Xingtai City is being sent to the Xingtai City Third Hospital for carrying out a hunger strike. We also do not have any information about this practitioner, because the police have placed a blockade on all information coming out of the hospital ward. Before this happened, this practitioner had been detained at the First Detention Center in Xingtai City.

Telephone number for the First Detention Center in Xingtai City: 86-319-2294041

Police in the Yongnian area of Handan City indiscriminately arrest Falun Dafa practitioners

To investigate the TV signal-tapping incident around the Chinese New Year in Xingtai City and Shahe City, personnel from the Hebei Province Police Department have entrenched themselves in the Yongnian area of Handan City. Following the arrest of Mr. Cheng Peiju and his son, the police damaged the front door, and then broke into Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Lu Zhonghai's home and arrested him. They released him the next day, which is unusual.

The police also searched Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Jianmin's home. He had to leave home to avoid arrest. Policemen from Team Three and Team Seven also searched practitioner Mr. Zhao Chuanjie's home. At night, led by Zhao Juntao, Qumo Town Police Station chief, police officers from Team Seven climbed over a wall and damaged Mr. Zhao's front door. Zhao Chuanjie was not home at that time. The police took his wife, Ms. Li Fen, away by force, not even letting her put on her coat. The police also went to Ducun Village and Liuxing Village to arrest people and searched homes.

Faced with so many arrests taking place, many Falun Dafa practitioners had to leave their homes and become homeless. Police Department chief Wang Baoshi was the one who gave the order to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners.

Telephone numbers in the Handan area:

Li Shijie, the County Party Secretary: 86-310-6858899 (Office), 86-13903202208 (Cell)
Liu Zhiping, Chairman of the People's Congress: 86-310-6600968 (Home), 86-13903207696 (Cell)
Li Zhike, Standing Committee member of People's Congress: 86-310-6819698 (Home), 86-13903200288 (Cell)
Lu Qunliang, Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-310-6823865 (Office), 86-310-6821166 (Home)
Wang Yunying, Lu Qunliang's wife: 86-13513106888 (Cell)
Dong Yinglong, Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-310-6821018 (Home), 86-13903202806 (Cell)
Liu Baohu, County "610 Office" Head, 86-310-6856610 (Office), 86-310-6813610 (Office), 86-310-6825821 (Home), 86-13703109599 (Cell)
Zhao Shehuai, Vice Head of County "610 Office," 86-13012104565 (Cell)
Wang Baoshi, Police Department head: 86-310-6816888 (Office), 86-310-7023587 (Home), 86-13903104169 (Cell)

Vice Heads for the Police Department:

Ma Tongshun: 86-310-6600528 (Home), 86-13903200228 (Cell)
Song Xiemin: 86-310-6825082 (Home), 86-13803297986 (Cell)
Jia Wenjun: 86-310-4062822 (Home), 86-13930000999 (Cell)
Wang Pingxian: 86-310-6823518 (Home), 86-13931068688 (Cell)
Ma Hongxiu: 86-310-6828068 (Home), 86-13930065668 (Cell)
Xie Hongxian: 86-310-6819888 (Home), 86-13503108999 (Cell
Chief of the Security Section: 86-310-6822462 (Home)
Yang Qingshe, Chief of the Mingguan Criminal Police Division, 86-310-6823958, 6855555
Li Ming, Chief of the Third Team, 86-13513206508 (Cell)
Hao Yuming, Detention Center Head, 86-310-6827686 (Office), 86-13503101530 (Cell), 86-310-6822404 ext. 229
Zhang Xianqu, Luoguan Town Police Station Chief, 86-310-6821131 (Office)
Zhao Juntao, Qumo Town Police Station Chief, 86-310-6746171 (Office)
Cao Zhixia, Handan City's "610 Office" Head, 86-310-7413519 (Office), 86-13803101111 (Cell), 86-310-3158028 (Home)
Zhao, Handan City "610 Office" Vice Head, 86-310-7413517 (Office)
Wang Jun, Handan City Police Department Chief, 86-13903105656 (Cell)
Xingtai City "610 Office," 86-319-3186306 (Office)