January 14, 2004


  1. Ms. Zhang Huiling was deceived into giving up her belief, and she was allowed to serve her sentence outside the labor camp. However, she quickly returned to the path of cultivation and was sent back to the Tianjin Female Labor Camp's second team, first division. She attempted to clarify the truth to people, and was handcuffed and locked up for a long period of time. She was locked up with drug addicts, and her legs and arms were tied up while her mouth was gagged. They did not even untie her when she was eating or sleeping. The police chief allowed and even instructed the drug addicts to do whatever they wanted to her. In the cold winter they waited until the food was completely cold before allowing her to eat. They sealed her mouth after she took a few bites and pulled her hair. As a result, her full head of hair became very thin.
  2. The people who are directly responsible are the labor camp director Yan, Zhang Chunyan, Ma, Xia, Li Xiaoling, Liang, and Wan.

  3. Ms. Chen Yumei was among the first group of Dafa practitioners detained. Her sentence was one year, but she has been detained for nearly four years. She was tortured in various ways. She is emaciated, and her life is in danger after a long-term hunger strike. They refuse to release her because she does not want to give up her belief.
  4. The people who are directly responsible are Zhang Chunyan, Kou Na, Ma, Xia, Li Xiaoling, Liang, and Wan.

  5. Ms. Liu Rehan is 31 years old. She was a teacher from Tianjin and a Youth League Secretary. In November 2001, she was illegally sentenced to the labor camp for two years. Not long after she arrived at the Tianjin City female labor camp, division one, team one, she was severely beaten by drug addicts Chen Rong and Feng Yi in the team leader's bathroom. Later, she was transferred to Jianxin Labor Camp and closely monitored along with other Dafa practitioners. They were given the worst food, not even given pickled vegetables. They were not allowed to purchase things or to have visitors.

In 2002 she was transferred back to the female labor camp division one, team two. During the so-called "crushing the stronghold" brainwashing period, she was severely tortured. She could not rest until very late at night after the collaborators (former Dafa practitioners who have turned against Dafa under pressure) took turns interrogating her. She was only allowed to have half a bun for each meal. In the freezing winter, she had to sit in the cold hallway until midnight. Finally, even the person on duty (a drug addict) could not bear to see it and gave her some food when no one was watching.

Ms. Liu Rehan has a son who is about to go to school, who is being denied the care of his mother. All of the adult members in the family (Liu Rehan's parents, sister, and herself) except Liu Rehan's mother are being detained for practicing Falun Gong.

A partial list of practitioners who were given severe sentences:

Cui Yanqing, Zhang Guiyun, Li Shufeng, Lin Zhaoxia, Liu Shuping, Chen Yumei, An Yuzhi, Wang Rongping, Gao Tianhua, Zhang Zaozhi, Chen Ruiqin.

A partial list of practitioners who were given an extended sentence:

Lu Shuying, Gao Yunxia, Mu Xiangjie, Duan Jingui, Zhang Huiling, Zhao Shuxia, Han Shuxia, Zhang Runmei, Zhao Binhong, Wang Jinling, Wang Guixiang, Li Qingying, Liu Wenhui, Chen Yuanhua, Jiang Shuyun, Feng Chunzhi, Ping Yurong, Bai Hong, Zhang Xiping, Zhao Yan.