(Clearwidsom.net) I was a criminal imprisoned in the Dalian Forced Labor Camp. I have finished my term and been released. While there, I witnessed the persecution inflicted on Falun Gong practitioners. I sympathize with them from depths of my heart. I was also once a so-called "teaching assistant" over there. Because of lack of understanding of Falun Gong, when I was first imprisoned I even slapped a Dafa practitioner's face. Due to slander from the television programs I felt that all Falun Gong practitioners were bad people. However, once I had personal contact with them, I gradually realized that they all were very kind people. There were lots of mosquitoes during summer but they never killed any mosquitoes. They told me that even a mosquito was also a life and that they did not kill anything. This trivial thing just proves that they could never kill any human being.

No one who had contact with them would ever say anything bad about them. They never accepted anything we wanted to give to them. Instead, they practiced austerity in every aspect, and they did their best to help others. Therefore I would also like to do my best to help them. I got along with them very well. Whenever I saw them enduring torture, I always asked for mercy for them from the persons who persecuted them. When other narcotics addicts asked me to beat them, I could hardly follow through the orders. If I was ordered to keep an eye on them to keep them standing up as punishment, I secretly let them sit down whenever it was possible.