(Clearwisdom.net) On January 18, more than 90 practitioners from all over the country gathered in Seoul, South Korea and shared their experiences on clarifying the truth over the telephone.

In the morning, after sending forth righteous thoughts, a few fellow practitioners demonstrated clarifying the truth with live phone calls. Local practitioners were particularly eager to join the activity, and a few cellular and desk phones were used simultaneously. Other practitioners were sitting down and sending forth righteous thoughts. They just learned to say a few Chinese words, "How are you! I am a South Korean. Please remember: Falun Dafa is good, and Truthfulness-Benevolence- Forbearance is good, and you will have a bright future." Even though they only talked for a few seconds, and the pronunciation was not perfect, the listeners were quiet and finished listening to the entire message. Some called members of the local Chinese community, and the results were very good too.

A lot of practitioners joined the telephone group soon after it was founded. In the experience-sharing, fellow practitioners talked about the changes in their mentality and their experiences when clarifying the truth by telephone. One said that he always places a mirror next to him when he calls China, and has done so for the last few years. He looks at the mirror whenever he makes a call, and watches his own facial expressions and body language to make sure that he is not affected by his listeners' attitude. Through the continuous improvement by looking inside himself, he has become more confident and mature when clarifying the truth over the phone.

Practitioners agreed that studying the Fa and understanding the Fa were the only guarantees that truth clarification would be done more comprehensively, more thoroughly, and more strongly.

In the experience sharing, practitioners' speeches won sincere applause and even some tears. Although we here in Korea started late and have no experience in clarifying the truth via telephone, we are sure that all who participate will do so from the heart.

January 18, 2004