(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Wang Jingsheng is the former Deputy Director of Benxi City Cultural Bureau. He suffered from cancer but fully recovered after he began the practice of Falun Dafa. In November 2002, he was taken from his office to Benxi City Labor Camp and was sentenced to two years of forced labor. In the labor camp, he often suffered torture and other forms of physical punishment such as being forbidden to sleep and being confined in a solitary cell. He was once sent to the "stretching room" where the police tied up his hands and feet and stretched them in four different directions continuously for four days. His hands and feet were swollen terribly afterwards, which caused him difficulties in moving for more than a week.

Abuses Dafa Practitioner Zhang Yuyang Suffered in Benxi City Labor Camp

Dafa practitioner Zhang Yuyang suffered vicious abuse in Benxi City Labor Camp. Police instructed collaborators (former practitioners who, under police coercion, renounced their practice of Falun Dafa) Jin Mingzhi, Yang Guozhi, and Liu Guoping to force Zhang Yuyang to sit with his legs crossed. They tied his hands behind his back, routed the ropes around his shoulders and tied them tightly around his ankles. This way Zhang's head was forced to touch his feet, his body curved in a circle.

With Zhang Yuyang in this position, the police ordered Jin Mingzhi to insert a wooden board under Zhang Yuyang's ankles. Female police officer Hu Yan from the Labor Camp Education Section stepped onto the board and jumped up and down on it. Later they had the other collaborators take turns stepping on it. This inhumane torture lasted for more than five hours. Zhang Yuyang is still suffering abuse in Benxi City Labor Camp. We hope all kind-hearted people will offer their help to stop such inhuman torture.