(Clearwisdom.net) Not long ago, Clearwisdom.net published an article entitled "My Understanding of 'Benevolent Resolution'," in which the author talked about how he benevolently resolved the karma he had caused to other things during his past reincarnations.

This article caused some repercussion among overseas practitioners. After reading it, some practitioners began to ponder the relationship between sending forth righteous thoughts and being compassionate. A few even had doubts about whether sending forth righteous thoughts is being compassionate.

The old cosmos ran according to the old principle of "Formation, Stasis, Degeneration and Destruction." When it came to the period of destruction, the complication of the karmic relationships among sentient beings in the old cosmos has gone beyond our imagination. Through Fa-study and discussion, we realize that benevolent resolution contains profound and complex meanings, which is beyond the reach of practitioners who have not reached consummation. However, if Dafa disciples have a correct understanding of Fa-rectification cultivation, and let go of all attachments, the old forces have no loopholes to exploit. Teacher can then do many things for us, benevolently resolving all the complicated things that could never be resolved without Fa-rectification. Since the process of benevolent resolution occurs in other dimensions, when seen in this human world, we may think it is very simple.

As I understand, the benevolent resolution contained in the Fa should not be equivalent to the simple concept of conceiving one or two methods to solve some specific questions. The story described in the above-mentioned article may contain much more complicated reasons than we could think. It could be that Teacher has helped the author of that article achieve benevolent resolution given the fact he had a kind wish and a determined mind to save sentient beings. We may never know the key factors that made the benevolent resolution possible in that story. Therefore, we can't take it for granted that he achieved benevolent resolution on his own and that we could also follow suit.

Since Teacher has asked us to do well in sending forth righteous thoughts, we better follow Teacher's instructions. We should keep our thoughts pure and righteous. When we follow Teacher's instructions to send forth righteous thoughts, the supernormal abilities we send out naturally know what and how to do to eliminate the evil because they are gods themselves. If the main body of practitioners is sending forth righteous thoughts while at the same time pondering whether or not doing so is being compassionate, we are in fact interfering with ourselves. If we have doubts about the power of sending forth righteous thoughts, we can't achieve a good effect. Our main body dictates whether or not we truly want to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil.

Just for your reference.