(Clearwisdom.net) Perpetrator Wu Wei, male, is 46 years old.

The criminal policeman Wu Wei

More than 400 Dafa practitioners have been illegally imprisoned in Fushun Forced Labor Camp from the end of 2000 until June 2002; more than 200 of them were female. During this period, labor camp head Huang Wei directed Wu Wei to freely use brutal torture or any methods against practitioners, as long as he could achieve the objective of forcing Falun Dafa practitioners to renounce their belief. (It was later learned that labor camp head, Huang Wei, had received Jiang's secret order that "practitioners who were beaten to death would be counted as suicide.")

The Fushun Forced Labor Camp has been the stage for some of the worst tragedies against Falun Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioners, bearing witness to history with their flesh and blood, remained firm in their belief in the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, while perpetrator Wu Wei and other scoundrels created one horrific atrocity after another. The following are some of those accounts.

One day in February 2001, Dafa practitioner Ms. Qi Caimei who had just been newly imprisoned here resisted being force-fed by the perpetrators. At that moment Wu Wei was on duty. He violently slapped Qi Caimei across her face, first with one hand and then the other. Qi Caimei's left eye immediately swelled and was filled with blood. Her lips were cut from her teeth as a result of the beating and were bleeding. Soon after that, three people, including policewoman Shi Qingyun from the "strictly disciplined class" swarmed over her and knocked Qi Caimei down to the ground.

Toward the end of April 2001, after having been on a hunger strike for more than 80 days, Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Yanqin was called to go outside by Wu Wei, who tried to force her to eat, but she refused. This angered Wu Wei. He hit Liu Yanqin and slammed her on the ground, and fiercely stomped on her head with his leather boots, kicking her body over a dozen meters away. Her face was black and blue, but perpetrator Wu Wei was still not satisfied. He further directed Chen Linghua, a political head for the women's team, to gather together 12 vicious collaborators, who had betrayed Dafa under pressure, to take turns hitting Ms. Liu with bamboo strips. The following are more details about her case.

Ms. Liu Yanqin had twice been abducted to this forced labor camp. The persecution she endured the first time was extremely severe. She had been imprisoned in Class 6 in the female section and was deprived of sleep. To torture her, the authorities tied her hands behind her back, and then pulled her bound hands straight upwards from behind, while her back was pressed against the wall causing excruciating pain. She was then forced to bend over in half with her head forced to touch her feet, and her chest was forced to closely touch her legs that were together and stretched straight. This torture was called "flying an airplane." Liu Yanqin was forced to hold this posture for six days and nights without a rest. She was beaten, resulting in bruises all over her body. The second time, she suffered from forced feeding.

In April 2001, persecuted by the vicious policeman Wu Wei, Dafa practitioner Ms. Hui Lijuan from Wanghua County was forced to squat for an entire night. The next day, Hui Lijuan's legs were painfully tied up in a double-crossed [lotus posture] position with a rope for as long as 12 hours. Seeing that she did not waver under this torture and renounce her belief, Wu Wei called two more villains to tighten her two legs further using a leather belt, and at the same time they pressed her head down, forcing her upper body to press flat against her legs which were still bound in the double crossed position. Then they used a chair to squeeze her legs and the upper body in half while pressing her tightly against a wall, with both arms forced to reach straight up, touching the wall. Several criminals fixed her in this position. Only a few minutes later, she vomited from the excruciating pain Two days later, seeing that she still would not give up her belief in Dafa, policewoman Chen Linghua first directed a group of more than 30 individuals to beat her. Then Chen Linghua ordered a criminal named Song Changnü to fiercely stab Hui Lijuan's fingers and toes with a metal needle. Finally, Chen Linghua took three high-voltage electric batons; one was used to shock Ms. Hui's chest; one was used on her neck, another one was for shocking the rest of her body. Hui was tortured in Fushun Forced Labor Camp in this manner for 15 days.

In April 2001, 27-year-old practitioner Mr. Yao Yanhui from Huludao City, holder of a bachelor's degree, suffered from severe torture. He was imprisoned in Class 6, supervised by perpetrator Li Yongmei. He was forced to endure long torture sessions daily. On the forth day of his imprisonment, his legs were tied up in the lotus position and he was hung from a bunk bed for over four hours, with his legs above ground. He became crippled from that torture and was carried back to the male team. From then on, Yao Yanhui had to use crutches while walking.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Liang Suyun is in her 30's. Her husband was killed in an accident before she learned to practice Falun Dafa. Unable to bear the pain of losing her family member, Liang had a nervous breakdown from grief and depression. It was under such circumstances that Ms. Liang came to learn of and practice Falun Dafa. She benefited from Dafa, both mentally and physically, and she became happy and enjoyed a productive life once again. She and her daughter lived together and supported each other, making a living from collecting and selling odds and ends. After Falun Dafa was banned and the persecution began, the local police, using an excuse of looking for Falun Gong books, illegally broke into her room and confiscated her family's belongings. When they found 3,800 Yuan* of her personal savings stored under her bed, the authorities simply stole the money and walked away. [Note: In China it is very common to keep personal savings hidden at home rather than in banks, which are not reliable due to widespread corruption.] Her personal savings has still not been returned, not even when the police were requested to do so. In April 2001, Ms. Liang was taken to the forced labor camp for brainwashing. She was detained in Class 2, supervised by perpetrator Wang Kai. More than 20 criminals were ordered to hit her throughout the night with wooden boards covered with nails. Her whole body was covered with blood. Her arms were completely blue and swollen. She could not move her neck and her hair was torn out and looked a frightful mess. The next day, these vicious scoundrels reported the progress of the torture to the police who then asked police officer Wu Wei for further instructions. Wu Wei declared that they "must defeat Liang in one vigorous effort." The next night they started to relentlessly torture Liang again. Instead of beating her in areas which were not injured previously, they especially hit her arms and the back of her hands, which were already wounded and swollen. Later on, Ms. Liang Suyun went to Beijing again to validate Dafa and eventually died from torture she received in the Fushun Detention Center.

In April 2001, perpetrators from the "strictly disciplined class" on the third floor harassed and mistreated Dafa practitioner Ms. Song Xiuxiang. These perpetrators randomly pinched and twisted her. Some painfully scraped her feet, some twisted her feet, and some wrenched her whole body. After Song lost consciousness, the scoundrels continued abusing her. Meanwhile, female Dafa practitioners Li Shuying, Ye Xuxia, Wang Hong, Ji Yaxuan, Jin Guizhen, Xiao Huiye and others all suffered from similar abuse and mistreatment. Prison guard Zhao Suqin hit Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Hong across the face over a dozen times, simply because Wang Hong spoke to a practitioner from another place. Furthermore, she was forced to stand facing the wall for two days and nights. Ms. Duan Yanjuan was whipped by the police with an iron chain that caused lacerations and bruises all over her body, simply because she went on a hunger strike, not having any other means, to protest the persecution against Dafa. Other Dafa practitioners tried to stop the police and their vicious actions, but the police said, "We can beat you at will! According to orders from the higher authorities, we can choose any method to beat you and it won't be considered wrong.." Several new police school graduates in their early 20's were witnesses to the example set by these vicious police officers; as a result, the new police recruits also violently attacked Dafa practitioners.

In November 2001, Dafa practitioner Ms. Shi Jinling started a hunger strike to protest her illegal imprisonment. Officer Wu Wei pulled her into a warehouse where Wu shocked her lips with electrical batons. He also questioned her, "Are you going to eat or not?" He did not stop this gross abuse until her lips were covered with blisters from the electric shock. In order to cover his crimes, Wu locked Ms. Shi Jinling in the male criminal's solitary confinement** to carry on and continue her torture secretly. Her hands were cuffed onto a metal bar. She was forced to stand for several days and nights, but was still taken out every day to be force-fed. During the first forced-feeding, a criminal used a screwdriver to pry open her mouth, which broke off one of her upper left front teeth. The second time, the criminal was too afraid to pry open her mouth. Instead, a labor camp doctor named Luo started to pry open her mouth by force, and as a result one of her upper right front teeth was broken. During the force-feeding, about five or six criminals covered her head and then carried her out. It was extremely cold in Northeast China in November. After being forced to stand for several days in the freezing winter weather, criminals poured cold water down Shi Jinling's neck. She was completely soaked and left exposed to the severe cold. The police then shocked her with those high-voltage electric batons.

In December 2001, Dafa practitioners practiced the Falun Dafa exercises together in this forced labor camp. Wu Wei came in the room, staggering drunk. He yanked Zhang Zhiqin from the second level bed and dragged her into the office. He used a wooden stool to hit Zhang Zhiqin's head and back, until the stool's legs broke. A young police officer at the sidelines was shocked, and came forward to stop the violence, fearing her life might be in danger and was afraid of the consequences. However, Wu Wei had lost control and still hit her, at the same time saying, "I am upset whenever I see you! Who told you to be the leading one? Today I must beat you so they take you to the mortuary, and see who can do anything about it."

The solidly built village woman Zhang Zhiqin was beaten into unconsciousness. Later she was sent to the No. 2 Hospital for X-rays and treatment. Even after half a month of treatment, the lumps on Zhang Zhiqin's head were still there, and she always looked listless. Because of the fierce beating she could no longer straighten her back. This incident led all Dafa practitioners to go on a hunger strike to protest the violence, which finally got the attention of the Judicial Bureau. The guilty Wu Wei said, "I am not personally going to beat Dafa practitioners any more. Everyone of them is solid, like steel."

Six female practitioners from Panjin City were tortured with all kinds of savagery for seven days at the Fushun Forced Labor Camp, and they were only permitted to sleep only after they broke down under the pressure and said things against their will. The next day, they all announced together they would not renounce their belief in Falun Dafa. Wu Wei became so angry he violently kicked Shi Yaqin who was already injured from other instances of torture and said, "This is what you get for changing your mind." Immediately afterwards, the six female firm Dafa practitioners were subjected to another round of torture in retaliation for standing up to the persecution and remaining true to their personal belief. When the female practitioners were transferred back to Panjin City for detention, the prison guards at the labor camp there could not hold back their tears when they saw the tragic physical condition these female practitioners were in after the relentless torture they survived at the Fushun Forced Labor Camp.

In February 2001, an especially vicious police officer Jiang Yongfeng in the male team urged Zhang Guoqin and other scoundrels to relentlessly torture Dafa practitioner Yuan Peng. They forced him to hold the "Fly the Airplane," position for extended periods, a particularly painful torture method. At the same time these perpetrators viciously jabbed their fingers into his ribs, squeezed his genitals to cause him pain, severely beat him and tortured the arches of his feet.

In December 2001, Wu Wei abducted a 60-year-old senior engineer, Ms. Jia Qinggui, and detained her in the female section. Jia Qinggui is a practitioner from Chaoyang City, whom they had failed to transform. The enforcers subjected him to all sorts of cruel torture for seven days. His head swelled very big, his face was covered with bruises, and his eyes swelled so badly that all one could see were two thin slits. They used brutality for 24 hours straight. An individual named Chen Guifeng was the chief enforcer urged on by Wu Wei. Wu Wei had promised Chen Guifeng in front of everyone that after she was released, he would hire her and pay her 500-600 Yuan monthly. Chen Guifeng had received evil retribution afterwards. She died suddenly at her friend's home in October 2002. When the male team leader, barbarous police officer Jiang Yongfeng noticed that Jia Qinggui didn't give up his belief under the ruthless torture, he believed it his opportunity for gaining political capital had arrived. He heartlessly decided to "compel him to submit" in one night. He found a specific room and arranged for a group of sadistic scoundrels to torment Jia Qinggui. After Jiang Yongfeng had arranged everything, he went with other debased police officers to drink wine. Jia Qinggui was beaten so severely that he vomited blood. One officer saw it and was afraid that he might die on their hands, so he went forward to stop the abuse, but the evil scoundrels still didn't let up.

In May 2002, Dafa practitioner Liu Min practiced Falun Gong exercises. Wu Wei dragged her from the third floor all the way to the "strict control class" on the first floor.

During the long break of May, the first Labor Day holiday in 2002, thirty-year-old Dafa practitioner Zhang Chuanwen and two others planned to escape from the prison. It was after ten o'clock at night. There was a pile of broken concrete and stones on the ground. The three Dafa practitioners jumped down, one by one. There was another two meter-tall (about 6 feet) boundary wall outside the inner wall. This time only one practitioner jumped off the boundary wall. Zhang Chuanwen and Yang Yushen couldn't run away in time. A prison guard discovered them. Wu Wei grabbed Zhang Chuanwen's leg and violently yanked her leg forcing her leg into a sideways split position. Suddenly we heard a sickening sound of a loud crack. She has not been able to walk since then. As if that were not enough punishment, a prison guard used an electric baton to hit Zhang Chuanwen's head violently. Her head was hit so hard that her body bounded upward, blood was trickling down her chin. The sheer violence she was subjected to was too horrible to watch or to bear. The authorities handcuffed her together with Li Li. The women had no blanket and had to sleep on the bare, frozen ground in the dark. No daylight entered that small room for a whole month. Li Li and Zhang Suying also suffered the same debased treatment as Zhang Chuanwen did. Li Li said, "Our eyes were covered. We didn't know how many legs were kicking us, or how many electric batons were shocking us. We didn't know how many fists hit us in the face. Even the clinic doctor Luo came up and punched me twice, right in my eyes."

Zhang Suying, female, 59 years old, was beaten hard and thrown to the ground by the male prison guard. A police officer lifted up her clothes, exposed her belly, and used an electrified baton to burn a grid on her stomach. A second male prison guard shocked her face, and her head swelled up until it was unrecognizable. They tied both of her hands tightly behind her back with ropes, onto a chair. Within one night, her wrist showed huge welts around the constricted area from being bound. The small, windowless small cell for "strict control" class is four square meters (about 9 feet on each side). Two monitors were installed, on the south and north corner; eating and toilet functions are all done in the same room. The captain of the "strict control" class is the vicious Liu Baocai. This person is savage, fierce and inhuman. Qin Qingfang, Guan Yan, Wang Hong, Li Li, and Ma Yunxiang were all brutally tortured by him many times.

Wu Wei brought a thug named Wang Jun to be the deputy captain and execute his orders to persecute people in collusion with with Liu Baocai and Liu Fengbin. Not only are they alcoholics and are drunk on the job, but they are also corrupt and live a degenerate lifestyle.

Wu Wei is now head of Luotai Shangzhuang Brainwashing Facility in Fushun.

The Liaoning Province authorities have abducted many steadfast Dafa practitioners and taken them to Fushun Luotai Shangzhuang Brainwashing Facility for abuse, deception, torment and mental persuasion, to get them to give up their belief. Wu Wei used 400 Yuan per month salary plus a bonus as an enticement to others to join him in committing his crimes. He has recruited some accomplices who work a two-hour rotation schedule so he could abuse and torment Dafa practitioners day and night.

We solemnly inform Wu Wei and his accomplices:

Stop these crimes! Don't persecute your own countrymen! Don't become the scapegoats for Jiang's Regime!

Wu Wei: 413-2640713 (Home)
Wu Zhixing, (Wu Wei's father), 413-2625629 (Home)
Qu Jihong, Wu Wei's wife, her work place, Fushun Power Plant Planning Section
Switchboard of Power Plant, 413-2507777
Qu Jihong's section phone number, 4132507611
Address: 19 West Third Street, Xinfu District, Fushun City

* Yuan, 500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.

** Locking up in a solitary confinement: The detainee is individually locked up in a very small cell. The guards handcuff practitioners on their back in a fixed position, in which the practitioners can neither move nor lie down. The small cell is very damp and no daylight comes in. Detainees have to urinate and defecate in the cell. Only half of a regular meal is served to detainees locked up in a small cell during the daytime. During the night the rats are running around. The stench in the small cell is so bad that it is difficult to breathe.

Dec. 21, 2003