(Clearwisdom.net) (HK Falun Gong practitioners reported on February 2, 2004) On February 2, 2004, HK Falun Gong practitioners protested Jiang regime's extending the persecution to France, regarding the French police's recent irrational arrest and detention of several dozen Falun Gong practitioners. They also demanded the French authorities to take actions to correct this error, so as to prevent France from suffering much damage to the country's dignity and reputation in the international community.

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HK Falun Gong practitioners sit outside the Chinese Liaison Office and the Charter Garden to protest Jiang regime's extending the persecution to France, and demand the French authorities to correct the error.

About 50 practitioners in HK arrived early in the morning outside the Chinese Liaison Office to hold a sit-in. They unfolded banners reading, "protest Jiang regime's pressuring France and irrationally detaining Falun Gong practitioners", and "Bring Jiang to justice," to protest Jiang regime's framing Falun Gong and extending the persecution to France. The practitioners went to the Charter Garden in the afternoon to continue their peaceful appeal. The practitioners pointed out that practitioners who were rudely arrested in Paris had not violated any laws, and many of them were taken away by the police only for wearing yellow clothing or apparel. It showed that a handful people in the French government were unable to resist the enticement of economic benefits offered by Jiang's regime, and instigated the police to do things that seriously violated the human rights.

HK Falun Dafa Association spokesperson Hui Yee Han read at the press conference a public letter to the Fench President Chirac, pointing out that in order to justify and sustain the illegal persecution, Jiang and his followers have spread lies about Falun Gong domestically and internationally through state-owned media and diplomatic channels. Jiang regime's another way is to use the economic interests to try to silence the international voice of justice, extend the suppression, and export its derogatory morals. The handful of people in France traded the country's founding principles of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity" for a temporary monetary gains. This shortsighted act will bring immeasurable loss to the future of French nation.

Falun Gong practitioner Lu Jie also said that France is a democratic country, such an act betrayed its principles and would damage France's international image.

Two practitioners later walked to the French Consulate General and delivered the appeal letter to the French President Chirac, demanding the French authorities thoroughly investigate the real situation, correct the errors and offer a public apology. The news counselor received the practitioners and promised to forward the letter to the government.

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