(Clearwisdom.net) In October 2003, I asked a friend in China to send me some things that I needed in New Zealand to decorate a vehicle for the Christmas parade. However, these items were unexpectedly confiscated by the Tianjin State Security Department.

I had requested that my friend send me some silk flowers, some fans and windbreaker jackets. When he went through the formalities of sending them at the post office, the postal workers had no objections. He paid the postage and customs fees and left. Six days later, however, my friend received an unexpected phone call, asking him to come to the post office.

When he arrived, two strangers who never bothered to identify themselves interrogated him as to why he had tried to send these things. He replied, "My friend in New Zealand asked me to send them, so I sent them." One of them arrogantly accused, "Don't be coy; you know exactly what these things are for."

My friend replied, "No, I really do not know."

The first interrogator said, "The items you tried to send were to be used for promoting feudal superstition, so you cannot send them."

My friend was quite surprised and said, "All these items were legally purchased from ordinary stores."

The second interrogator said, "Don't waste your breath. The fact remains that you cannot send them."

Their words had suddenly become very clear. When these items are sent to a Falun Gong practitioner, they are not allowed, especially if they could be used for promoting Falun Gong.

Finally, without producing any receipts, they confiscated all of the items. My friend, who had never before encountered this kind of thing, then carefully asked, "Who are you two?"

One of them replied, "We are from the State Security Department."

This incident made a huge impression on him and left doubts in his heart. Ever since that incident, he has always worried that his phone might be tapped. He also developed some suspicions about me.

This kind of action by the Tianjin State Security Department not only violates the objective of serving the country and the people, but it also wastes large amounts of money. They monitor and persecute overseas Falun Gong practitioners from every angle, unreasonably confiscating personal property without just cause, and without producing any receipts for the seized merchandise. We advise these people who collaborate with the Jiang regime to stop persecuting innocent people.