(Clearwisdom.net) In my experience, studying the Fa and memorizing the Fa have a different effect. When I recite Zhuan Falun from memory, sometimes a sentence in the book seems to be new to me or gives me a different feeling. I would like to talk about one of the reasons that cause this to happen. When we study the Fa, if we don't quiet our minds or if our minds wander off because we are interfered with by thought karma, we are therefore neither able to assimilate to the Fa in a certain aspect nor eliminate the karma. Then, the next time we read that sentence the thought karma will again interfere with us to prevent us from assimilating to the Fa regarding the specific aspects contained in that sentence. Even if we try our best to eliminate the interference, it would still be hard for us to fully concentrate on Fa-study. Yet, memorizing the Fa is different. If you don't focus your mind on the Fa, you won't be able to recite it. When you quiet your mind you can quickly memorize the Fa and the effect is good too. One will often get the opposite result if one's mind is in a hurry to memorize it.

Studying the Fa also requires perseverance in order to constantly eliminate interference and calm our minds. Only when we do so can we assimilate into the Fa with all our hearts and as one body.