Ms. Jiang Chunxian is a 34-year-old resident of the No.5 Commune in Gaotaizi Village, Dafangshen Town, Dehui City, Jilin Province. She was sentenced to 8 years in prison on January 15, 2004, and sent to the Heizuizi Prison in Changchun City on the same day. Due to her tuberculosis peritonitis, the prison rejected her. With complete disregard for her life, the Dehui City Court issued an enforcement order, and sent her to the prison on January 16. She died on February 19, 2004 from the persecution.

Upon finding out where she was, her family went to visit her in the prison on January 30. She was in relatively good spirits, but very pale, especially her lips, and she was passing bloody stools. Her family visited her again on February 6, and found her very sick. Worried about her health, her family came to visit her on February 18 for a third time, when she was severely ill had to be pushed around in a wheel chair, and spoke with a weak voice. Her family members strongly requested to 2 male police officers on duty release her on medical parole, but their request was denied because she hadn't served at least half her term.

Around midnight of February 19, the prison police notified her family that Ms. Jiang had died. They said she was sent to the Baiqiuen Medical College Hospital around 4 p.m. on February 19, and she died half hour later due to suddenly heart failure.

The Health Officer of the prison, Gong Yunxia, told the family members that Ms. Jiang was sent to the emergency room at the hospital on the afternoon of February 19, but her family found her body still at the prison. Whether Ms. Jiang died in the hospital or in the prison is still a question.

Ms. Jiang never had heart disease, but the fact that the Prison Administration said she died from heart problems, seemingly falsifying her medical record, is just not convincing.

Her family discovered that at the back of her body, an excessively large pooling of blood had occurred, and that there were two large red areas on the insides of her thighs. These wounds proved that Ms. Jiang was tortured, perhaps with an electric baton.

In only two weeks, Ms. Jiang's physical condition changed rapidly. She wasn't able to walk on her own power and had to be pushed out with a wheelchair the last time her family visited her. What kinds of physical and mental tortures had she received during this period? There needs to be an investigation as to whether she had been forced to give up her practice.

The prison administration responded to her family's questions with lies, avoiding the facts, and trying to cover up the truth. They forced her family to have her body cremated quickly, before it could be checked.

Before she was sent to Heizuizi Prison, Ms. Jiang was arrested on November 7, 2002, and was tortured both physically and mentally for more than 400 days. She was tortured with the "Big Hang Up," method, brutally force-fed, shocked by electric batons, and beaten in many ways. Then she was tortured to death. All this in just one short month! The family sent her 10-year-old child to stay with her father's parents who were farmers and very ill.

Parties directly responsible and phone numbers:

Jilin Provincial Women Prison in Heizuizi, Changchun City:

Director Xu Guangsheng, 86-431-5375001;

Gao Mingya, 86-431-5375002;

Wang Jie, 86-431-5375003.

Vice Director Wu Zeyun, 86-431-5375004.

Torture Conducting Officer Tang Yajuan, 86-431-5375010.

Deputy Chief of Prison Policy Section Li Jian, 86-431-5375007.

Discipline Officer Ma, 86-431-5375066.

Region Director Zhang, 86-431-5375020.