(Clearwisdom.net) The British Commonwealth of Nations Summit was held in December of 2003 in Abuja, Nigeria. We were four practitioners from Australia, England and Singapore, who had not had the opportunity to meet before. We first met at the airport. Yet, we were as one body and thus it was amazing in how our coordination efforts allowed us to clarify the truth during the ensuing ten days in a country so dissimilar to our own.

Shortly after we arrived at the hotel, we noticed on the bulletin board that the British Commonwealth of Nations Human Right Forum was being held at a hotel close by. This was a perfect chance for us to take action. We immediately went there and asked the chairperson for an opportunity to speak. We were successful as the chairperson gave us the opportunity to address the attendees. We introduced Falun Dafa and talked about the persecution in China. This was the first time many representatives from all over the world heard about Falun Gong.

We attended the forum again on the next day. The agenda was to summarize all representatives' opinions and deliver them to the Summit for discussion. We asked to be heard again. The chairperson was not as forthcoming as the prior day and told us, "The summary will be presented to the British Commonwealth of Nations Summit. I don't believe that your presentation is related to the mission of the Summit." We were astounded and told the chairperson, "Please forgive us, but we were unable to wrap up our presentation yesterday, given time constraints. We wish to point out that the persecution is violating the fundamental rights of the citizens of many countries from the British Commonwealth of Nations." Thus, the chairperson allowed us to present our viewpoints. We proceeded to explain the persecution against Falun Gong in China in greater detail. We advised that many countries around the world were negatively affected by this persecution. Many citizens of the British Commonwealth of Nations member countries practice Falun Gong and were persecuted when they visited China. Many member countries citizens have ' families in China who practice Falun Gong. We told them about the atrocities committed against them and that many died from the torture they suffered. Not only that, but that there are many instances where many practitioners were affronted and harassed in the territories of the member countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The attendances were greatly shocked upon hearing this. In closing, we asked the British Commonwealth of Nations to help stop the persecution, as they also supported the right of faith, justice and human rights. The speech won praise from all representatives. The chairperson told us, "I admire your courage and I will convey your view point in written format to the British Commonwealth of Nations Summit."

We visited the local newspapers during the following days and clarified the truth. One newspaper chief editor informed us that he could convene a press conference on our behalf. Therefore, we held a press conference at the Congress Building the next day. Most of the major local media was present. These news reporters asked many questions. They had heard much negative information and propaganda about Dafa. Most did not understand the truth of Dafa and thus we clarified the truth.

We then also thought that this was a wonderful chance to clarify the truth to the governmental representatives of more than 50 countries. Most governmental officials lodged in two big hotels and an official pass was required to enter there. Thus, we spontaneously thought of a great way to tell the truth. We did not apply for an official pass in advance, although we knew that it was critical that we speak to those representatives. Immediately after we had this wish and righteous thought, Teacher created an opportunity for us. They allowed us, while the application was processed to proceed to the main lobby where the conference was held. While waiting, the meeting ended and the representatives came to the lobby. Escorted by the security, we delivered the truth materials and CDs to the representatives. After that, we were informed to return to this lobby the next day to receive the application. What a great opportunity. We handed out the information that day again in the lobby.

We distributed Dafa materials to everyone, including the children gathered on the street to see the president of Nigeria. When we gave Falun Dafa bookmarks to the children, they stared at us curiously. We taught them how to say "Falun Dafa is good" in English and they all followed us. When we accidentally ran into the Nigerian president, he kindly told us that he loves the Chinese culture. We told him to carefully read the materials and watch the CD. We also met a local person who seemed to have predestined relationship with us. He used to study in China and knew a lot about the country. He understood the truth we told him and he even asked for the Dafa books. Sometimes people said to us when we walked on the street, "We saw you on TV." "We have come across Falun Gong everywhere these couple of days."

After we finished our activities in Abuja, we went to Nigeria's largest city, Lagos. During our few days stay there, we held a press conference, gave a class teaching the exercises, and clarified the truth to many of the Chinese businessmen there. There is so much we experienced there. There is not enough space or time to tell everything. I deeply feel that wherever Dafa practitioners go, they bring blessings and hopes to sentient beings there. The understanding side of the sentient beings is waiting to be saved!