February 12, 2004

(Clearwisdom.net) Two years ago, I participated in a training course. The lecturer was a righteous and kind young man. One day, I took a Dafa truth-clarifying VCD with me and wanted to find a chance to give it to the lecturer. Unexpectedly, only several minutes after the class began, the lecturer who previously seemed to be very bright and wise began to lose his composure, and started to attack Dafa using innuendos.

I realized that the evil from other dimensions saw the truth-clarifying VCD that I had brought and was terrified, and therefore began to interfere with an everyday person's righteous thoughts in a frenzied way. However, my heart still felt very painful upon seeing others attacking Dafa. I began to fight with myself fiercely: "If this lecturer is so bad, should I still risk giving him the VCD? Is he still worth saving?"

Thinking that Master has always asked us to treat sentient beings with compassion, and to awaken the righteous thoughts toward Dafa from those whose minds have been poisoned by vicious lies, as well as to let them know the truth, my hand reached out to the precious VCD. Just when I decided to hand it out, the lecturer on the stage started to say some bad things again. I drew my hand back in anger. However, in my mind I kept on thinking of Master's painstaking efforts in saving Dafa disciples and sentient beings. I put my hand back in my pocket and held onto the VCD, and I made up my mind to .... well, then, the lecturer started slandering Dafa again. If I did not touch the VCD, he would teach the class normally. Once I thought about clarifying the truth to him, he would say something disrespectful towards Dafa. I withdrew my hand from the VCD subconsciously.

When the lecturer started to ridicule Dafa once again, I decided not to give him the VCD! At that time, I was filled with anger and sorrow and completely forgot about sending forth righteous thoughts. I stared at the bright forehead of the lecturer in anger. I imagined that a little angel with wings flew over and shot an arrow into his big forehead. (Actually I had already utilized my supernormal abilities and righteous thoughts to clean up the evil that was interfering with him). Miracles happened at that moment: as soon as I began to think, the rattling lecturer immediately shut his mouth as if choked and did not finish the second half of the sentence. He stopped for a little while, started to teach the class normally, and did not say anything bad until the end of the class.

I was amazed at the miraculous effects of such a 'casual' thought! Of course I knew that my thoughts just now could not be counted as sending forth righteous thoughts in a strict sense. It must be that Master understood my wish to help and did not want me to give up at that time, and so Master helped me. I did not hesitate any more and put the VCD into the lecturer's bag before the class was dismissed.

When the lecturer came to the class again, he faced students from all levels and from different places and said straightforwardly, "A student gave me a gift. It is a Falun Gong truth-clarifying video. I appreciate it a lot." Then he continued with positive opinions about Dafa and his resentment of the evil persecution. From the perspective of a teacher caring for his student', he reminded the class several times (of course he did not know who gave him the VCD) to pay attention to security issues.

Perhaps every fellow practitioner from mainland China would feel and be touched the same way I was. That was in 2001 in mainland China! The lecturer faced hundreds of strangers, dared to support Dafa and oppose the evil persecution openly. Once he knew the truth, the lecturer retracted all his previous words of misunderstanding determinedly, and spoke out for Dafa in public. All the students listened quietly. Nobody said anything against him or jeered him. The lecturer's positive attitude towards Dafa and his personal opinions must have put an iron stamp on the heart of all the students. When they understand the truth someday, they would remember and appreciate the virtue and courage of the lecturer.

The person who was completely shocked was me. I wrote a letter to the lecturer after the class, and expressed my deep appreciation for his virtue and courage as well as his concern and care. I also explained that as disciples who have been benefited physically and mentally from Dafa, we cannot ignore the insults from the evil to the most glorious nature of humankind, namely Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance; we also cannot overlook the brutal persecution of kind people and the trampling on and destruction of public conscience. The strength that has kept us strong in the unprecedented persecution comes from the straightforward, mighty power in our heart. The reason that we can risk our lives and tell the truth to sentient beings one after another is that righteous and sensible people like the lecturer have let us see the hope of lives and of our nation. We also love our lives, and also want to enjoy family get-togethers, but the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance deserve to be defended with our lives. Our fellow countrymen's righteousness and conscience, the fundamentals of a human being, are the most precious things, and are also what the Dafa disciples want to awaken and protect through truth clarification. If more and more people can be awakened this way, for those disciples who have given their lives already, their blood has not been shed in vain.

At the next class, the lecturer announced to every student that he had received the letter. He mentioned Dafa positively again and reminded me to take good care of myself in the evil environment. Although vicious lies were everywhere and the lecturer had some misunderstanding of and disrespect for Dafa, he retracted all his negative opinions once he realized the truth and stood on the righteous side to support Dafa and thereby opened up a bright future for his life. All this has come from the enormous compassion and dignity of Master's Dafa.

It is just like what Master has said in "Teaching the Fa at 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference,"

"Your clarifying the truth inevitably effects a sort of chain reaction. Once a person knows the truth, he realizes, "Oh, so that's how it is--Dafa is so great." Some people who've learned the truth may think about taking up cultivation, some may be sympathetic, and others might offer support in the form of concrete actions. These responses that came about by clarifying the truth spread from person to person, heart to heart."