(Clearwisdom.net) Clearwisdom recently published an article "Panicked Authorities in Hebei Province Indiscriminately Arrest Falun Dafa Practitioners in Retaliation for TV Tapping Incident." The article said, "Certain lawless authorities were very panicked after Falun Dafa practitioners in Xingtai City and Shahe City, Hebei Province successfully inserted signals into a local TV program to clarify the truth about Falun Gong during the Chinese New Year. The Hebei Province Party Committee ordered Xingtai City to 'solve the case' by a deadline; otherwise the mayor would be fired. In the meantime, some officers from Hebei Province Police Department stationed in the Yongnian area have arrested several practitioners. Many Falun Dafa practitioners had no other choice but to leave their homes to avoid arrest and persecution." (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/2/8/44894.html) After reading this I was very moved. Our great fellow practitioners, one after another, have sacrificed all they have to save sentient beings!

Following Changchun area practitioners' pioneering deeds to explain the facts about Falun Gong through TV, truth clarification by pre-empting television broadcasts has produced good effects in many areas. This has strongly exposed and frightened the evil and let many people know the facts. However in many areas after the practitioners tapped into TV signals to broadcast Falun Gong documentary videos, the evil accumulated there to furiously persecute practitioners and caused some loss to the Fa-rectification work in those areas. In the Changchun area alone, almost 5,000 practitioners were rounded up after the first broadcasts, and some, like Liu Chengjun, have even been tortured to death. Other areas that have done TV tapping, for example, the city of Nahe in Heilongjiang Province, and the current cities of Xingtai and Shahe, and Yongnian area in Handan City, Hebei Province, also have suffered persecution to various degrees.

As Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners, everyone should think carefully about how to work together to eradicate the evil persecution and oppose the old forces' arrangement, and how to completely break the evil's blockage and interference with truth clarification through TV tapping, and how to break the evil's persecution of practitioners, so that truth clarification through TV tapping can more widely be used around the country to more effectively save sentient beings.

In 2002 when Changchun area practitioners tapped into TV signals to clarify the truth, we may not have had a clear understanding of the Fa principles, yet now two years later on the path created through the sacrifice of fellow practitioners' lives, we should become mature on this aspect. Hopefully, all practitioners can pay attention to and think about this issue.

Truth clarification through TV covers wide areas and has good effects. Thus the evil fears it the most and tries desperately to block it. Master also said that it is a disaster for the evil. In China 80% of the population are farmers who live in relatively poor areas that have very limited access to computers and other Internet sources. VCD players are not widely available either. Some mountain areas in particular have very little connection with the outside world and are ill-informed. However, since the people there have TV, they are also poisoned by the evil's lies and slanders against Dafa on the TV and radio broadcasts.

Dafa disciples have been using various ways of clarifying the truth such as giving out flyers, making phone calls and giving out CDs. However, there are places that Dafa disciples cannot reach because there are fewer Dafa disciples in those areas or other reasons. Therefore, using TV to clarify the truth can help reach these areas and this approach is particularly showing its strength during this last period of time in the course of Fa-rectification.

How can we break the arrangement by the evil old forces of persecuting Dafa disciples and truly attain the objective of offering salvation to all sentient beings? Is it that we will be severely persecuted by the evil old forces whenever we use TV to clarify the truth? I think that we should examine ourselves first and see whether we need to let go of some notions among Dafa disciples as one body or not.

In "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference," Teacher told us:

"You all know that Dafa disciples have now become more mature. In validating the Fa, and on this path of gods, you all know what to do. At such a time, the less I speak the more it benefits you all. And why do I say that? Because this period of time is precisely given to you as an opportunity to temper yourselves, this period of time is precisely given to you as an opportunity to establish your mighty virtue. So I can't always have you do things without thinking them over on your own, and I can't have you not blaze your own path while validating your own Fruition. If you are always led by Master, if I still tell you what to do when it comes to specific things in validating the Fa, that doesn't work. Once Dafa disciples reach Perfection, your Fruition and levels aren't low. In other words, the responsibilities that you will have for future living beings are immense. Then if that's the case, if you don't possess that kind of mighty virtue, haven't blazed your own path, and don't know what to do when you need to do things independently, that won't do. So I have deliberately given you this period of time so that you can have opportunities to temper yourselves and become mature."

Therefore, we must be able to think independently, study the Fa more, develop more understanding based on the principles of the Fa and become enlightened along a Dafa disciple's own path. In this way Teacher can set his mind at ease about us.

In "Singing the Praises of Master and Dafa * With Master's Comment" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/8/30/39707.html), the practitioner said, "The old cosmos's forces, within the realm of their power, created the manifestation of imposing their old, degenerated things upon Master and Dafa, and this manifestation looks 'solid and concrete' to the sentient beings within this realm. However, this is absolutely not Master's original will and true manifestation, and it is not the true image of Dafa. Instead, they are false illusions that the old forces created for the cosmos's sentient beings within their realm in the course of choosing their self-destruction. In the human world, those illusions manifest as countless vicious lies, and even as some 'solid and concrete' manifestations of cultivators' and practitioners' situations, and they even dare to do things towards Teacher. People in the world believe them to be true, many cultivators believe them to be true, but these sentient beings who have been deceived cannot truly know the real situation. All of these 'solid, concrete facts and phenomena' are precisely the acts by the old forces in the process of their self-destruction, and they are also severe tests for sentient beings' and cultivators' futures. The manifestations of what has been imposed upon Master, Dafa and Dafa disciples will be over with the passing of the old cosmos. ......... At this time when the last manifestations of the old cosmos are passing quickly, for the people of the world and especially the multitude of cultivators who have been deceived by all of the false illusions created by the old forces, they need to be ever more rational and clear-minded."

Comment from Master:

"The ideas in this article are laid out well, and the author has a very clear understanding of Master's Fa-rectification and Dafa disciples' validation of the Fa. If all Dafa disciples can be as rational and clearheaded as this, and have righteous thoughts and righteous actions in validating the Fa, then there will be no persecution, and there will be no gaps for the evil to exploit."

We can also re-study Teacher's article "Look at Things with Righteous Thoughts":

"Right now, the Dafa disciples of Mainland China using television to let people know the truth is exposing the evil's persecution, is saving the sentient beings whose minds have been poisoned by the evil's deceit, and is a magnificent act of mercy.

"The group of evil political scoundrels has never followed the law in dealing with Dafa disciples, so don't disapprove again of the actions Dafa disciples are taking as they clarify the truth, due to your attachment of fear. No matter how the evil persecutes, what awaits Dafa disciples is still Consummation, and what awaits the evil beings is nothing but eternally paying in Hell for all they have done to interfere with and persecute the Fa-rectification and Dafa disciples."

So fundamentally we have to look at things with our righteous thoughts and form a whole body to eliminate the evil's arrangements. Since tapping into TV networks is a large undertaking, it requires co-operation and participation from all of us as a united team. In the past, for safety consideration, only the few people who were actually carrying out the task knew what was going on. The majority of Dafa disciples did not participate and even did not know about it. Many disciples felt that clarifying the truth via TV did not have much to do with them.

This is similar to how we thought about the "Bring Jiang to Justice" effort at the beginning. We felt that it was the responsibility of local Dafa disciples in the United States. But after communication among Dafa disciples and many articles on the web discussing the significance of bringing Jiang to justice, Dafa disciples as a whole increased their understanding of the effort and hence everyone participated. So Dafa disciples became more as one body, and this dramatically speeded up the process of bringing Jiang to justice.

Therefore, regarding clarifying the truth through TV, all of our Dafa disciples should first eliminate concepts like being numb, having a wait-and-see attitude, passively waiting and having a not-my-business attitude. We all should realize the importance of the effort and treat it with righteous thoughts, strengthen it and participate in the effort with righteous thoughts as well (not everyone needs to be physically involved in the TV tapping). During the process, we should form a united, perfect and whole body. We all have to do well the three things that Master has asked us to do. At the same time, we should help the TV tapping effort by sending forth righteous thoughts and eliminate interference from the evil so that every region has a strong energy field full of righteous thoughts. When one area has a TV tapping event, all of us should support it with righteous thoughts and divine powers to get rid of locally accumulated evil forces. Hence the evil will have neither any reason nor any space to exist, and the best results of clearing the evil and saving people will be reached. The pressure on local disciples will also be reduced.

This is how the whole body can co-operate smoothly. Every Dafa disciple should stand on the basis of validating Dafa and saving human beings, and understand the significance and necessity of clarifying the truth through TV from the perspective of the Fa. When everyone treats the effort as one's own business and strengthens it with righteous thoughts, the false appearance of the evil persecution will be exposed, the goal of validating Dafa and saving lives will be achieved and the path of our Fa-validation will be forged. Just like the "sue Jiang" effort, it was our hearts (wishes) that stimulated the progress. External conditions were not the dominant factors. Co-operation with righteous thoughts and the will of Fa-rectification Lords determine the celestial phenomena (the fate and the outcome). So communication and exchange of our understanding based on Fa principles about TV tapping is very important to Dafa disciples.

If we completely understand it based on the Fa, we can also clarify the truth to the public. Since the evil has spread lies that our tapping into TV signals to clarify the truth is illegal, we can expose the evil's lies and tell people why we use TV to tell the truth. There have been many articles on Minghui and Clearwisdom discussing whether tapping TV is legal, reasonable, righteous and just. Our local practitioners also had open discussions and reached deep understanding on this issue. We now pay more attention to such events and form a very strong righteous field when they happen.

Now we Dafa disciples from Mainland China are extremely concerned about the situation in the cities of Xingtai and Shahe, and Yongnian area in Handan City. We are sending forth righteous thoughts and eliminating the evil's persecution together with disciples in the cities of Xingtai, and Shahe, and Yongnian area in Handan City. In the meantime, we hope that more disciples in China and from overseas will actively participate using various approaches like making phone calls, writing letters and exposing the evil to the local people in order to remove the evil more broadly and save sentient beings.

When we do what we should do such as breaking old concepts, clarifying the truth and co-operating and improving together as a whole, we will surely succeed in validating Dafa and saving sentient beings.