(Clearwisdom.net) On January 16, 2004, the largest flower exhibition in Taiwan was held in Xizhou, Zhanghua City. It lasted for 58 days, and will conclude on March 14. The event has attracted several hundred thousand visitors. Falun Dafa practitioners in the central area took the opportunity and obtained permission from the sponsors to give music and dance performances, so as to display the beauty of Falun Dafa and clarify the truth to the public.

On January 17, the first day of our performances, we met with interference. The drizzling rain threatened to inhibit our outdoor performance. When we arrived at the gate of the exhibition, we were stopped outside, as no working personnel came to let us in. So we were delayed for one hour before the performance. The practitioners kept sending righteous thoughts and studying the Fa. When our performance began, the sun came out. Young Dafa practitioners in fairy costumes performed the five sets of exercises to the music "Pu Du." The song "Coming for you" told people the truth about the persecution.

On January 18, the sponsors considered that our performances were not suitable for the flower exhibition, and wanted to cancel the rest of our scheduled performances. Through exchanging opinions, the practitioners realized that we should clarify the truth to the sponsors, respect their opinions and modify our performances. We accompanied each song and instrumental performance with beautiful dancing. The performances fully displayed the beauty of Falun Dafa, and we were able to explain the facts about the persecution through music. After giving performances four times, the sponsors understood our endeavor, and permitted us to continue.

On February 3, the fifth performance, as the large stage was arranged for other performing groups, we were arranged to perform on a small stage. The stage was small and simple, but we made the best of it. As the design of stairs in front of the stage provided convenience for the visitors to take a rest, the audience could sit down and intently watch our performances. Practitioners' lively and elegant dances, won a lot of applause from the audience. It was also warmer there, with the buildings around the small stage keeping out the strong wind.

On February 5, the sixth performance, we encountered even more interference. When all performers got ready backstage, the sponsors notified us that they would cancel our stage performances due to the continuous wind and rain. They also would not provide any musical equipment. After several negotiations, we were permitted to give the performance, but we had to prepare the musical equipment on our own. So some practitioners went to a nearby primary school to borrow an amplifier. While waiting, the practitioners kept sending righteous thoughts. I had brought a mini-amplifier, inside of which I had saved all our songs and accompanying music, so we began to rehearse in the corridor. One practitioner took off her overcoat and, dressed in an ancient Chinese costume, walked out into the rain and started to dance. Her graceful movements, solemn facial expression, plus the music from Guzheng and flute, attracted many visitors to watch and won warm applause. One group of students squatted on the ground in raincoats, and focused their attention on the performance. Our truth-clarifying materials were all distributed. I felt this was the manifestation of the power of righteous thoughts.

On February 6, we gave our seventh and best performance. We prepared the whole set of musical equipment by ourselves and achieved a great effect. Several famous media outlets came to take photos. The sponsors paid more and more attention to our performance. They went from attempting to cancel our performances to truly appreciating them, and they even arranged for us to perform on Saturday and Sunday on the large stage. Through the whole process, we realized the power of the whole body, and only by maintaining righteous thoughts and perseverance could we make the activity successful so that more people could witness the beauty and magnificence of Falun Dafa.