(Clearwisdom.net) From February 15 to 16, Canadian Falun Dafa practitioner Zenon gave speeches at Gao Hsiong Prison, Chung Hwa Prison and Qin Lu Prison and received warm welcomes.

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Director of Chung Hwa Prison accepts a gift of book from Zenon.

Taiwan Falun Gong practitioners have scheduled to teach Falun Gong exercises and study Zhuan Falun in prisons for over two years. The practitioners had established good relationships with inmates, police guards and administrators. Because of the cooperation with prisons, Falun Gong practitioners often receive many awards and acknowledgments every year. Many inmates read the book Zhuan Falun, learned the exercises and accepted Falun Dafa.

In his speech, Zenon, a 26-year-old Canadian practitioner, said he used to abuse drugs and alcohol, was arrested for theft, and had many desires and was selfish. He smoked one pack of cigarettes every day for five years. Once he was so desperate that he left his family members and relatives to live alone. But in 1998, he met Falun Dafa and after a few months of practicing Falun Gong, he successfully quit drugs and started a new life.

Zenon's experience of quitting drug use in a short period of time was miraculous to the inmates of Gao Hsiong Second Prison and the psychological consultant.

Associate professor Lin Jianlong of English Department Danjiang University said that he had a similar experience with Zenon. He suggested the Taiwan Judicial Department to cooperate with Falun Gong to help drug addict inmates to quite drugs and rehabilitate their health.

Psychological Consultant Deng Bailing said the dialogues in book "Coming for You" was a miracle. The biggest difference between Zenon and her drug patients is that Zenon would correct his own fault and thought of others. The patients usually blame others for the failure of their drug rehabilitation.

Almost half of the inmates of the prison were drug users. Many of them were very curious because quitting drug use was very difficult. How could Zenon quit drug only with his will power? Zenon told them, "If you practice Falun Gong, you will find the answer in it."

Director Fang of Chung Hwa Prison said he was learning Falun Dafa and happily accepted the book as a gift from Zenon. In Taiwan, the prisons and detention centers welcome Falun Gong practitioners to teach Falun Dafa to inmates to purify their hearts. But in China, there are thousands of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted and jailed. We hope the kindhearted people of the world will help to end this brutal persecution.