(Clearwisdom.net) To "point out" is to let others know about their mistakes. On the other hand, to "point fingers" means not only letting them know about their mistakes but also doing so with the intension of blaming them. Teacher had said in teaching the Fa, that he requires us to point out fellow practitioners' mistakes with good intentions. Actually, the Fa requires us to not have any other mentalities when pointing out mistakes, in order to let fellow practitioners really understand their inadequacies and improve.

In the process of our Fa-rectification cultivation, because we cannot truly put ourselves in others' shoes in considering problems and in pointing out practitioners' inadequacies, we add our own mentalities and often unintentionally turn pointing out fellow practitioners' inadequacies into accusations.

When the old forces see this situation, in order to make us improve, they intensify this situation in order to make us eliminate each other's attachments. This could cause complaints after conflicts among practitioners, pointing fingers at each other, and thinking that it is others' responsibility. This does not solve the problem efficiently and causes practitioners to get entangled in conflicts, delaying the three things that we must do, and delaying the process of Fa-rectification.

Teacher has said in Zhuan Falun

"Throughout the entire course of my lectures on the Fa and cultivation practice, I have been responsible to society and practitioners. The results we have received have been good, and their impact upon the entire society has also been quite good."

"In my lectures I will talk about some unhealthy phenomena in the community of cultivators. I will also address how we should treat and look at such phenomena. Moreover, teaching a cultivation system and Fa at high levels involves many aspects and quite important issues, some of which are even very serious; I would like to point these out as well. Some interference in our ordinary human society, especially in the community of cultivators, comes from other dimensions. I would also like to make this public. At the same time, I will resolve these problems for practitioners"

In these segments of the Fa, I realized that Teacher has told us that when we point out fellow practitioners' inadequacies we should hold the mentality of truly being responsible to him or her in order to be more effective. Pointing out human society's situation is being responsible to society and the cultivation community, and it does not have any implication of pointing fingers at human society. In this way, it has a good effect. We should follow and do what Teacher has done. In this way it leaves a correct path of cultivation for beings in the future.

This is my personal understanding, if there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.