(Clearwisdom.net) Policewoman Yuan Lingyue is the captain of Team Three in the Women's Division of Dalian City Labor Camp, in Liaoning Province. Team Three is specifically used for detaining and torturing female Falun Gong practitioners. Yuan is thirty-three years old and lives in the Lubo Residential Area of the Shahekou District in Dalian City. She is known to be vicious and deceitful.

Yuan is responsible for devising most of the torture methods used against practitioners, methods such as "Five Horses Splitting the Body." In this form of torture, the victim is hung up. Then the guards forcefully pull the victim's four limbs in opposite directions. At the same time, they also pull her head up as high as possible. The victim is in extreme pain when her body is stretched in the five directions. The guards place a chair under the victim's body and swing her back and forth over the chair so that her private areas will hit the back of the chair. Oftentimes the victim will bleed in her lower body and her private areas will swell up so badly that she cannot walk afterwards.

Guards subjected forty-nine-year old Zhong Shujuan to this torture. She screamed non-stop from excruciating pain. Her lower body bled profusely and became very swollen. She could not walk afterwards. A tendon in her leg was torn, making it impossible for her to squat down. She needed help to use the bathroom and could not take care of herself for three months.

Guards also subjected Sun Yan, thirty years old, to the same torture. Policewoman Yuan Lingyue even stuffed hot pepper into Sun's vagina and scrubbed it in with a brush. Each time Yuan wouldn't stop until Sun passed out. Even before Sun had recovered from the old wounds, Yuan would torture her like this again. For the past two years, Sun was unable to walk properly because of such torture. Her hands were also disabled. Recently Yuan transferred Sun and another two female practitioners to Longshan Labor Camp.

Chen Hui, an unmarried woman of twenty-six, was not spared from this torture. Yuan Lingyue also tortured her with many other despicable means. Yuan was so cruel that the guards were even terrified of her. They would say behind her back, "She's just too vicious."

Yuan Lingyue usually tortured practitioners at night. She would arrange who would torture which practitioner and how. Then she would hide herself in a dark corner and watch. When a practitioner passed out, she would run over to check if she had really lost consciousness. Then she would tell the guards to pour cold water on her to wake her up and continue the torture. Chang Xueling was once tortured like this.

Yuan Lingyue has beaten numerous practitioners very badly. For her, beating people was as normal as eating meals. She has beaten such determined practitioners as Sun Yan, Zou Qiuju, Yu Shoufen, Wang Benhua, Chang Xueling, Liu Jun, Li Min, and many others. Qin Shulan and Chen Lihua are both close to sixty years old. However, Yuan did not spare them. She would slap their faces dozens of times until their faces swelled. Sometimes she would suddenly put on a smiley face right after beating people. She would touch your face and then pat your shoulder as if nothing had happened.

Yuan Lingyue also steals from practitioners. She often searches practitioners' belongings with the excuse of making a "security inspection." She takes away practitioners' valuables, claiming that she will keep an eye on them. However, she never returns the valuables to practitioners when they finish their terms. When practitioners' family members mail money to them, she often intercepts the money and keeps it for herself. She also takes away food practitioners' families send them. In order to get promoted to the position of captain, she used the cruelest means to persecute practitioners and gain favor with her superiors.

It's a heavenly principle that good is rewarded with good and evil meets evil. Yuan Lingyue will have to pay for her crimes.