(Clearwisdom.net) On the night of February 24, 2001, police chief Li Yongfei and his subordinates from Duqiao Police Station of Yueyang City, Hunan Province, broke into Dafa practitioner Meng Kai's home and tricked him into going to the police station. They lied and said that they would let him go home in a few minutes, when in fact they sentenced him to 7 years in prison.

After Meng Kai was taken to the police station, the police looted his cash and bank deposits totaling nearly 10,000 yuan without any legal procedures. Under the directive of Yueyang City Committee Party Secretary Yu Laishan and Police Department Chief Liu Guoqiu, about 20 policemen took turns interrogating Meng Kai, not allowing him to sleep for four nights straight. Afterwards, they secretly sent him to Huarong Detention Center without informing his family.

While Meng Kai was detained, Zhao Zihu from the Political Security Division led a group of people to his home and ransacked it without a warrant. They took away the computer, cell phone, pager, Dafa books and other property, leaving the house in complete disarray.

During his detention at the Huarong Detention Center, the police incited the inmates to beat Meng Kai. They even took away his clothes when it was very cold. After learning that his clothes were taken away, his family tried to send some more to him, but Liu Guoqiu did not allow his family to visit Meng Kai, nor did he allow them to drop off clothes for him. Meng Kai was moved from one cell to another. Altogether he had stayed in a total of five different cells. Many times he was beaten so badly that he passed out. His right eardrum was broken. He was monitored around the clock, and someone would follow him even when he went to the bathroom. After beating him for 42 days, the police put him in a confinement cell.

On August 21, 2001, Meng Kai was put on trial. There were about 60 people attending the hearing. Wu Dongbao colluded with judge Yang Li from the Yueyanglou District Court and tried to fabricate charges against Meng Kai. When Meng pleaded not guilty and defended himself, Wu and Yang were unable to answer his questions. They were very angry.

Yang asked Meng, "Are you a lawyer?"

Meng said yes.

"Are you certified?" Yang Li asked.

"Yes," Meng replied.

Yang asked again, "Do you know that you are not allowed to visit the Minghui website?" Meng said, "No, I don't. There's never been a law stipulating that."

Rendered speechless, Yang had to end the court session.

The third day after the trial, Meng Kai's mother went to find Yang Li to clarify the truth to her. However, Yang wouldn't listen. Out of spite, she even changed the original 4-year term to a 7-year term.

In order to frame Dafa practitioners, Yueyang City Committee Party Secretary Yu Laishan showed up on TV many times to slander Dafa. He also used the newspaper to publish slanderous articles.

The fourth day after the trial, Meng Kai's family went to visit him; however, they could barely recognize him because he had been tortured to the point of being unrecognizable. His family reasoned with the detention center police asking them not to persecute Meng and other practitioners anymore. The police there said it was the city officials that ordered them to do so, and that if his family wanted to complain, they should go talk to those officials.