(Clearwisdom.net) Xiao Zhiduan, male, 44 years old, was a Judge in Jiaozhou city, Shandong province. He started to practice Falun Dafa in the fall of 1997. After the persecution began on July 20 1999, Xiao Zhiduan maintained his belief in Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. On March 2, 2000, he was arrested by officers from the Fuan police station in Jiaozhou because he practiced the Falun Dafa exercises openly for the public to see. The 6-10 office in Jiaozhou extorted 3,000 Yuan from him. The ex chief judge of Jiaozhao city Zhu Chenli (he is now vice division level cadre of Qingdao intermediate court) was afraid of being implicated so he dismissed Xiao Zhiduan from his court position.

On November 3rd, 2000, Xiao Zhiduan was arrested by officers from the Fuan police station because he went to Beijing to appeal. In order to avoid persecution, Xiao Zhiduan jumped from a second floor window which led to a lumbar vertebrae bone fracture. The policemen were afraid of being held responsible so they sent him to his company. The court chief Zhu Chenli and the ex court chief Wang Fulin (retired, phone 86-13905427326) detained Xiao Zhiduan for 10 days and cruelly sent him to a mental hospital secretly and notified his family later.

In Jiao Zhou mental hospital, the doctor forced Xiao Zhiduan to take many doses of medicine that damaged his brain and nervous system. Jiang Dengfa, the head of the No 2 mental department beat Xiao Zhiduan. They forcefully tied him to a table and shocked both his arms with a heavy current circular electric needle. Both of his arms went numb from the torture. The pain was too hard to endure and it reached his chest. He eventually fainted. He woke up when they turned off the switch and they shocked him again. They repeated these steps and asked him if he would still practice Falun Gong. Every time they shocked him, he would keep yelling out which was absolutely horrifying.

In order to protest the cruel persecution, Xiao Zhiduan went on a hunger strike. The evil force fed him by inserting a tube down his nose. They tied down his arms and legs before force-feeding him. A nurse with the last name Wang inserted a tube into his nose and down to his stomach. In order to intensify the pain, this nurse repeatedly and forcefully reinserted the tube to irritate his stomach and intensify the pain. In the beginning of 2001 and near the Spring festival (January), Xiao Zhiduan was transferred to the Zhang Jiatun brainwashing class and encountered more serious persecution there. The head of the "610" office, Liu Xuedong, organized the security guards to handcuff him to the side of the bed, and beat and kick him.

In May 2002, the court chief Jiang Benhao (Office phone: 86-532-7291639 Cell: 86-13061283692) appointed the "610" office to instruct the ex criminal court presiding judge (currently court presiding judge in Yanghei) Li Huinuan (home phone: 86-532-7220857; office: 86-532-6200020; cell: 86-13616482555) to sentence four Dafa practitioners, including Zhou Zhaohua. Li Huinuan was evaluated to be a so-called expert by Jiaozhou city in 2002 and he slandered Dafa on the TV many times.

In autumn 2003, Jiang Benhao and Liu Xiliang instructed the current criminal court presiding judge Zhao Yutao (home phone: 86-532-7205285; cell: 86-13615325071) to sentence Dafa practitioner Liu Zhaohong to a five-year prison term.

Liu Xuedong's sister Liu Xueqin: phone 86-532-7222393; 86-13964227618

Liu Xuedong's daughter Liu Lin: Office phone in Jiaozhou court: 86-532-7291604

February 4, 2004