(Clearwisdom.net) Policeman Chang Weixing from Suizhong County Political Security Department of Liaoning Province has been persecuting Dafa practitioners since July 20th, 1999. He verbally assaults practitioners with dirty language and gives them a very hard time.

When Chang Weixing went to Beijing to pick up Suizhong practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal, he sexually assaulted female Dafa practitioners by touching them along their legs. In the interrogation he spoke dirty language to female practitioners.

Wei Jinghong from the legal department has been sending Dafa practitioners to labor camps, and uses this as an opportunity to extort money from Dafa practitioners' families. Wei Jinghong has extorted 200 Yuan from Dafa practitioner Sun Shiquan's wife, later he also took away 2 sets of sports wear from Mrs. Sun's sister's shop (valued at 400 Yuan)

Both people suffered retribution at a later stage. At the end of 2001, Suizhong police sent two practitioners to Masanjia Labour Camp. On their way back, the police vehicle turned over on a smooth stretch of road with no other cars near them. The injuries of the four police in the car corresponded with the degree in which they persecuted Dafa practitioners: Chang Weixing suffered kidney injury and Wei Jinghong was severely injured, and both were sent to Beijing hospitals for operations.