(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese New Year has just passed and while people were still living in a joyous holiday atmosphere, Chen Xibao, head of Quzhou County Police Department in Hebei Province led a group of out of control police officers to seize Dafa practitioners.

In the past few days, several Dafa practitioners were arrested and many were otherwise persecuted with their homes being ransacked. Some practitioners were forced to leave home. It was learned from a police department insider that Falun Gong truth clarification videos were broadcast in some areas, and the practitioners who were arrested had knowledge of the transmission. The arrested Dafa practitioners are currently being held at the Quzhou County Detention Center and they are holding a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention.

On January 27, 2004, Dafa practitioner Zhao Xinji from in Tuanzhen Town, Henan Province had just arrived home in his taxicab when more than 20 persecutors led by Chen Xibao abducted him. The police impounded Zhao Xinji's car, ransacked his home, and confiscated his cell phone, recorder, cassettes and other things. They didn't produce any search warrant or arrest warrant. Many people were watching this and someone asked, "Why are you arresting people without legal papers?" The police answered, "Because he practices Falun Gong and believes in Truth-Compassion-Tolerance."

Around noon on January 28, seven to eight police officers from Longtuan Town Police Station equipped with electric batons broke into the home of Dafa practitioner Fu Xinfang. They ransacked it and arrested him without showing any legal documentation. Fu firmly resisted their actions. The police struck him down with electric batons, and three police officers dragged him into a police car.

We hope fellow practitioners can lend their support through various means. We will expose and document the persecutors and their crimes.

Quzhou County Police Department and main persons responsible for persecution:

Chen Xibao, head of police department: 86-310-8899188(Work), 13832088919 (Cell)

Zhang Chenshan, political head of police department, 86-310-8892031 (Work), 86-310- 8890989(Home), 13930028082 (Cell)

Gao Guangquan, deputy head of police department, 86-310-8890812(Work), 86-310-8898819(Home), 13603204568 (Cell)

Han Qinglin, deputy head of police department, 86-310-8890810 (Work), 86-310-8890886(Home), 13313305788 (Cell)

Zhao Baolu, deputy head of police department, 86-310-8890815 (Work), 86-310-8895288(Home), 13930016191 (Cell)

Ma Zhenlin, deputy political head, 86-310-8890811 (Work), 86-310-8892584 (Home), 13313301978 (Cell)

Members of Politics and Security Section:
Qiao Linhuai, 86-310-8893899 (Home), 13930032515 (Cell)
Zhao Suying: 86-310-8899038 (Home), 13932032889 (Cell)
Zhang Xuebing: 86-310-8898992 (Home), 13832067378 (Cell)

Main persons responsible for persecution in townships of Quzhou County (dial 86-310 before the number except cell phone):

Tuan Police Station:
Wang Zhenchang: 8989364(Work), 8893138(Home), 86-13931025402(Cell)
Ji Shaochun: 8891870(Home), 13831022798(Cell)

Situan Police Station:
Du Lifeng, 8712180(Work), 8897832(Home), 86-13930097261(Cell)
Li Bin: 13932092865(Cell)

Anzhai Police Station:
Guo Zhixiang, 8943133(Work), 86-13803102988(Cell)
Gao Yibin: 86-13703207039(Cell)

Houcun Police Station:
Niu Mingtang, 8798330(Work), 8800662(Home), 86-13932075559(Cell)
Gu Bin: 8899853(Home), 13931047866(Cell)

Yizhuang Police Station:
Jing Wanxiang, 86-310-8788160(Work), 5595919(Home), 86-13313303398(Cell)
Li Chunhai: 86-13001862128(Cell)

Liyue Police Station:
Zhang Jingqi, 8750256(Work), 86-13831091629(Cell)
Qiu Wenyong, 8890905(Home), 86-13513200806(Cell)

Weiqiao Police Station:
Bo Liankun, 8732110(Work), 86-13832000079(Cell)
Yang Xinguang: 86-13931053010(Cell)

Baizhai Police Station:
Shen Shuping, 8916581(Work), 8893358(Home), 86-13343002888(Cell)
Zhu Zengwei: 8895035(Home), 86-13930085511(Cell)
Ma Hongzhi: 8893211(Home), 86-13803101134(Cell)

Authorities of Quzhou County Detention Center:

Zhang Weiping, head of detention center, 8893059(Home), 86-13831020229(Cell)
Li Lianping: 8898328(Home), 86-13930090887(Cell)
Zhen Wenbo: 8898292(Home), 86-13930033746(Cell)