(Clearwisdom.net) At the Nanming District Court of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, three young, well-educated individuals were illegally sentenced in a trial with no jurors or defense lawyers present and without the knowledge of their families.

These three people are Mr. Huang Lei, a student majoring in Architecture at Guiyang Industrial University, Mr. Liu Bo, an employee of the Guiyang TV Station, and Ms. Zhang Lei, who studies at Guiyang College of Chinese Medicine. All three individuals had earlier been either fired from their workplace or expelled from school because of their refusal to give up their belief in Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.

In court, Mr. Lei, Mr. Liu, and Ms. Zhang accused the law enforcement officers of severely violating their basic human rights and defying China's own Constitution. They stated formally that, because of the brutal, unfair nature of the persecution implemented by Jiang and his followers, Dafa practitioners' truth clarification efforts, including appealing to government offices, distributing truth-clarification materials and intercepting TV signals, can only be correctly classified as actions in defense of both China's Constitution and the right of Chinese citizens to not be deceived. Thus, the actions taken by Dafa practitioners are compassionate and just, and the practitioners themselves are completely innocent of any crime. Mr. Lei, Mr. Liu, and Ms. Zhang also denounced the sentence of the court, and they later appealed to the Guiyang Middle Level Court on January 6, 2004.

Jiang's group has staged numerous show trials of Dafa practitioners, similar to that of these three young people. They always make up so-called crimes and then put on these trials without giving practitioners any chance to defend themselves. The fabricated trials are in fact grave violations of the Chinese Constitution.

We appeal to all people and ask that everyone speak up to help stop this hate-filled persecution. We will also use legal means and other methods to expose the evil actions of Jiang Zemin, and his followers in such organizations as the National People's Congress, the Political Consultative Conference, the Prosecutor's Office, and the Court System. We shall continue to strongly demand the release of imprisoned Dafa practitioners.

Below are names and phone numbers of related government personnel:

Principal of Guiyuan City Middle Level Court: 86-851-5814300, 86-851-5822716
First Criminal Court of Guiyang Middle Level Court: 86-851-5823340
Second Criminal Court of Guiyang Middle Level Court: 86-851-5815765
Criminal Court of Guiyang Nanming District Court: 86-851-5796987
Ren Jianshu, Vice Director of Guiyang City, Nanming District Police Department: 86-851-5793990, 86-851-5793750
Zhu Yuancan, Section Chief of Guizhou Police Department
Yang Guozhong, Party Chief of Political Law Committee of Guiyang City Nanming District: 86-851-5824816, 86-851-5861233
Xu Hua, Director of Guiyang First Detention Center
Luo Wen, Director of Guiyang Second Detention Center: 86-851-3761400
Communist Party Office of Guizhou Industrial University: 86-851- 4818211
Dean's Office of Department of Architecture, Guiyang Industrial University: 86-851-4818267
Principal's Office of Guiyang Chinese College of Medicine: 86-851-5928633