(Clearwisdom.net) Recently the persecution of Dafa practitioners in Dalian Labor Camp's Female Brigade has increased. Previously they had tried different ways to torture practitioners who refused to give up Falun Dafa. Lately those unyielding Dafa disciples are being put into what is called the "small room," where they are stripped down to their underwear. The prison guards then hang them up by their wrists and after opening all of the doors and windows to let in the freezing winter air, the practitioners are left in this position around the clock. They are not allowed to go to the bathroom, to sleep or feed themselves (prisoners are asked to feed them). Practitioners, one of whom was 60-year-old Qin Shulan, were subjected to this form of torture as many as five times.

Gong Xuerong had just arrived at the labor camp when she was sent to the small room. She was beaten and tortured very badly and was then sent to a brainwashing session. In this class Ms. Gong seriously reprimanded the collaborators (former practitioners who have turned against Dafa due to brainwashing and torture) who attempted to make her renounce her faith. This enraged prison guard Wan Yalin, who then instigated several criminals to threaten Ms. Gong. One of these prisoners, Pan Aihua, told Ms. Gong, "You had better write those four letters of repentance quickly or what you just experienced in the small room was nothing. I will use a stick to poke you until you die [referring to sexual abuse]." As Pan clarified the truth of the persecution to the inmates, Wan Yalin quickly said to Ms. Gong, "They are just trying to frighten you. There is no such thing." She turned back and went downstairs still angry. She grabbed a cat on the bed and threw it to the ground. Because Pan Aihua accidentally revealed what was happening to Dafa practitioners in the small rooms, she was punished. The small rooms were managed by Wan Yalin. From Wan Yalin's anger, one can see how the persecutors are afraid that their evil actions will be exposed.

Moreover, the prison guards of Dalian Labor Camp have been exchanging prisoners with Longshan Labor Camp. Of late, the prison guards sent Sun Yan, Yang Chunhua (about 60 years old), and Zhang Xiao Li (a 25-year-old university graduate) to Longshan. At the same time, they received three people from Longshan, one of whom is called Fan Jinhua.