(Clearwisdom.net) At Chishan Prison in Hunan Province, Falun Dafa practitioners and other inmates are forced to do intense labor, including producing and processing dolls. One Korean businessman invested in over 400 sewing machines and provided the raw materials used for making these dolls. There are over a dozen procedures necessary for making one doll, but carrying out many of these steps are countless numbers of people who don't get paid, and when payment does occur, it is only the equivalent of about twenty-five cents. The dolls are exported and sold all over the world. After being handled by over a dozen workers, the dolls are packaged without sterilization. The working conditions are very bad and because of the lack of proper hygiene, the inmates suffer from all kinds of diseases. The Hunan Labor Camp Bureau is using Chishan as a pilot site, and has plans to promote this type of labor activity to every prison in Hunan Province.

On every doll there is a sign. The printing on the doll packaging is as follows:

6" Funky Animal Asst.

KMRT N 8755


ATM No.: 010-655960-118

Made in China

Contents 64 Pieces

In addition, this prison also produces colored lights called "pretty lights." Inmates have to put thirty-six small bulbs in 39 inches of plastic tubing. Every inmate has to fill up more than one hundred yards of tubes each day. It takes over ten hours to do this work each day, sometimes leading up to thirteen or fourteen-hour workdays. This product is under contract with companies in Macau.

In addition to being forced to perform slave labor, practitioners suffer torture and abuse from the police and other prison inmates. Common criminals Ren Taoyuan, Yuan Jiashuang, Liu Aifang (also named Liu Fang), Zhou Hongbo, Wu Fenlian and Ai Shune act as malicious tormenters. Under the incitement of policemen Tang Jie, Guo Yuanqing, and Chen Dongxia, they follow orders from above and commit all kinds of vicious deeds against the Falun Dafa practitioners. They threaten practitioners, torture them by injuring their eyelids, they hold burning paper towels near practitioners' nostrils for one or two hours, where smoke inhalation causes damage to their lungs. They force practitioners to wear tags, handcuff them, and force them to stand up to answer roll call. The practitioners have to get permission before using the toilet and they are not allowed to talk to each other. (Note: Practitioners have refused to follow these rules, as they are not criminals.)