(Clearwisdom.net) For a period of time, practitioners in some areas in China had different opinions in choosing what content to use for truth-clarifying material and disks. One opinion was that truth-clarifying material written by Dafa practitioners must be pure and cannot be mixed up with things might cause people to think that we are involved in politics, and that Dafa websites should not post any non-practitioners' articles and reference materials in the everyday people's style. Another opinion was that it is easier to help people understand and see Jiang's nature by revealing his acts of treason and political corruption, and the Party's history of making up lies and framing innocent people ruthlessly. Therefore, they collected these kinds of articles published here and there on the websites, putting them together as the most important material to be copied and distributed. I think that both ways of thinking have some merit, but also go to the extreme.

In doing anything, we should not go to the extreme, or else we would produce negative results.

While cultivating during the Fa-rectification period, what can truly save people are Dafa disciples' Fa-validation and the pure truth that we bring to the people. These are the essential things. We must be clear on this point, so that we can keep our actions pure and walk our paths righteously.

However, during recent years, many people have been poisoned by Jiang's propaganda and lies. In addition, they have attached too much importance to their own notions. To them, pure substance of truth and positive Dafa material are like highly nutritious but heavy food, while they are like weak, diseased patients, unable to absorb and digest the food. If we don't consider their ability to absorb and keep giving them big meals of heavy food, it might make them give up eating for fear of choking, or they may fail to absorb the nutrition they need for their recovery. Therefore, to truly help them and give them the chance to survive in the future, we must give them different types of food, which fits different situations and different needs.

This raises the question of our judgment. It's not to say that we cannot pick topics that everyday people like. Sometimes it's necessary to add some things that are not so highly nutritious, but still helpful for their recovery. To those who have already basically recovered, if we keep giving them light food or a liquid diet, their recovery will be delayed.

On the other hand, whether we lay bare the evil's extensive lies and expose its history of making people suffer by using lies and framing people with their political movements, or we put in some traditional cultural elements, we are taking steps to help people understand the core message and the purest, most important substance of our truth-clarifying material. If we consider things written by non-practitioners or topics of broad public interest easily accepted by them as more important, or even if we consider material written by Dafa practitioners to be not acceptable by everyday people, then we are putting the incidental before the fundamental. Then, we would be underestimating many ordinary people who have great predestined relationship with Dafa and good enlightenment quality. In the situation where the evil has been cleared up and is becoming less and less, the clearheaded side of a person is playing more and more of a leading role. Therefore, many people are looking for, and ready to hear, the facts about Falun Gong.

Teacher said, "On important matters, practitioners must pay attention to the attitude of Minghui Net." (See http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2000/6/15/8785.html) Some practitioners only see a part of the situation, paying no attention to the whole and overall situation, or they look too deeply into words and lines of certain articles to find this "attitude." Indeed, if we carefully look at them, it's easy to see that the aforementioned reference material on Minghui net is only a small part of the whole and is entirely for our reference and assistance. They function like vitamin supplements. What can truly save patients is the medicine itself. This, I think, might be the main direction offered by Minghui net on this issue.

Of course, there is another issue that is extremely important. That is, the purity of truth-clarifying material may be reflected in many aspects, such as writing articles, filmmaking, why and how materials are edited, the choice of materials, the key points, the train of thought one offers the readers, and so on. Since truth-clarifying materials are used by practitioners to save non-practitioners, they should not be written for practitioners. Then, where the expression of language is concerned, we should choose words that can help people, even those poisoned by lies, so that they can better understand and accept the material.

The job of making materials written by practitioners suitable for a non-practitioner audience is very important, directly affecting the effectiveness of the material. It takes special care and much labor to gain skill from practice. Especially in western societies, we can see that people pay a lot of attention to gaining experience and developing and improving their professional skills. At the beginning, one may start from zero. After writing articles for a long time, if one still doesn't know who his readers are, or what is required for different styles of articles and their basic features (such as news report, experience sharing articles, comments on current issues, novels, poems), the effect of his truth-clarifying material may be far removed from what he had originally hoped for. In practitioners' truth clarification, the result depends on if a practitioner takes the issue seriously and how seriously he takes it. Therefore, after one becomes clear on the fundamental issues and able to tell the primary from the secondary issues, it is also natural and necessary to emphasize the ways and methods to carry them out.

Truth-clarifying materials in different forms and with different "weight" would be used to save different readers. These materials can complement each other but hardly replace each other, so we need to make good use of all of them. To this point, we practitioners should keep ourselves reasonable, objective and sober-minded. We should put saving people first and foremost, and not have our decisions influenced by our attachment of doing things, personal interests and stubbornness. If all of us can do this, there would be no conflicts, as none of us would have selfish mentalities, and we would be able to see at once the advantage of other people's proposals and adjust our own accordingly. Therefore, our truth-clarifying work would be smooth and harmonious.