(Clearwisdom.net) The former head of the Weifang "610 Office"* Song Jiwu, in collaboration with the Weifang Forced Labor Camp, has been holding brainwashing sessions inside the labor camp since March 15, 2001. Over 100 Falun Dafa Practitioners have been brutally tortured and persecuted in these brainwashing sessions. The following is an incomplete name list of practitioners persecuted:

Ms. Wang Liping

Mr. Yu Shenghe

Ms. Fu Qingxia

Zhan Haigang (gender unknown)

Mr. Chen Zhendong

Mr. Song Tingshan

Mr. Li Tongxiang

Shang Meiyuan (gender unknown)

Ms. Yang Wenlan

Ms. Wang Shifeng

Ms. Zhang Huizhen

Li Mingzhi (gender unknown)

Mr. Li Chengdong

Ms. Zhou Jiangmei

Ms. Pan Xiumei

Ms. Yang Xuemei

Ms. Du Xiuhua

Lu Fengzhen (gender unknown)

Ms. Zhou Guoling

Ms. Niu Guilan

Ms. Qi Shuying

Ms. Qi Shuzhen

Ms. Liu Lili

Ms. Yang Guilan

Ms. Wang Aiqin

Ms. Sun Kexiu

Ms. Li Ruilan

Ms. Wang Ailing

Ms. Li Guihua

Ms. Liu Guixian

Ms. Wang Yanxia

Ms. Wang Yanmei

Ms. Feng Xiqin

Mr. Wang Hongfan

Mr. Wang Deqin

Ms. Xia Aixiang

Mr. Zhang Chengyu

Mr. Wang Fusehgn

Ms. Sun Shuyu

Xu Qingrui (gender unknown)

Mr. Zhang Jucheng,

Zhang Fenghua (gender unknown)

Ms. Chen Shufeng

Mr. Hao Ruiying

Ms. Li Ruimei

Ms. Liu Shuying

Mr. Liu Jincheng

Mr. Li Qingkong

Mr. Li Xiangrong

Ms. Zhao Yanhua

Ms. Zhang Yuxiang

Mr. Zhang Wengang

Ms. Xin Lanying

Ms. Liu Cuihua

Ms. Liu Huaying

Ms. Wang Yuexin

Mr. Gao Guangcheng

Ms. Wang Fuying

Ms. Xu Huiqin

Ms. Liu Xiulan

Mr. Zhang Wendong

Ms. Zhou Ruixiang

Qiu Quanpu (gender unknown)

Ms. Song Zhilan

Ms. Bai Xiuying

Ms. Guo Suping

Ms. Song Cuiwen

Ms. Zhang Min

Mr. Wang Anmin

Ms. Liu Xinglian

Ms. Guo Sufang

Ms. Sun Yufang

Ms. Li Liguang

Mr. Li Liangbao

Mr. Liu Liangqi

Ms. Pang Xinlan

Ms. Yu Meixia

Mr. Zhao Qingzhou

Ms. Shi Wenying (twice)

Mr. Zhang Yicheng

Tian Ruizhen (gender unknown)

Ms. Wang Huaiqin

Mr. Wang Donglin

Mr. Zhang Hongbo

Mr. Tan Jixian

Mr. Fu Wenyuan

Ms. Guo Min

Mr. Zhang Donglin

Mr. Guo Xianxin

Mr. Li Zhengxiu

Ms. Li Guifen

The deputy head of the Forced Labor Camp, Zou Jintian has been directly involved in the brainwashing. The Head of the Camp's Second Division, Ding Guihua has also been directly involved in arranging the persecution of Dafa practitioners. The Deputy Head of the Second Division, Xu Shimin has been responsible for carrying out the arrangements. Policemen involved in the brainwashing classes include Zhu Weiguang, Liu Jianguang, Song X and Liu X [X indicates first name unknown].

The following are several of the methods mainly used in the persecution:

1. To limit the personal freedom of Falun Dafa practitioners who have been taken to the brainwashing center, they are all put under close surveillance. There are surveillance cameras in each of their rooms so that their movements are watched carefully. Each Dafa practitioner being persecuted will usually have one or two people monitoring him. (Usually these are the colleagues from the work units where the practitioners work.). As a matter of fact, the practitioners are under round-the-clock surveillance. Dafa practitioners who are forced to attend the brainwashing sessions are followed almost step by step. They are not allowed to visit other rooms or pass messages to other Falun Dafa practitioners. It is said that they are not even allowed to glance at other practitioners.

2. After being taken to the forced labor camp the police will first constantly defame and tell lies to practitioners as well as threaten them, "If you do not renounce your belief in Falun Dafa you will be sentenced to forced labor." Then the collaborators [Former Falun Gong practitioners who have renounced the practice due to brainwashing and torture and assist in persecuting Dafa practitioners.] repeat the lies to practitioners over and over.

3. If a practitioner does not sign the so-called "Repentance Statement" [A statement to acknowledge remorse for practicing Falun Gong, to give up Falun Gong, and to never again associate with those practitioners who practice Falun Gong and/ or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.] the practitioners are deprived of sleep for extended periods. Some of the practitioners are not allowed to sleep for five or six days in succession. The forced labor camps adopt various techniques to conduct repeated brainwashing.

4. When the practitioners are not in their right mind as a result of repeated torture the camp police will force them to watch video tapes that defame Falun Dafa.

5. They also use the sentiment for family to torture the practitioners. The police in the forced labor camp not only torture the Falun Dafa practitioners but also force the practitioners' relatives to write them letters in an attempt to use human sentiments to put pressure on the practitioners.

6. Force feeding practitioners who are on hunger strike. [Force-feeding is the number one cause of death for Falun Gong practitioners. The purpose of police force-feeding is not to nourish, but rather to torture practitioners and to cause so much pain that they will renounce the practice of Falun Gong. To that end, the police have used many different means to cause excruciating pain and injury, including inserting and withdrawing the feeding tubes repeatedly, leaving the feeding tubes in the stomach, knocking out teeth while attempting to force-feed, force-feeding saturated salt-water, vinegar/liquor, or urine/feces, etc.]

7. Charging practitioners money for brainwashing. Falun Dafa practitioners who have been abducted to the brainwashing site are forced to pay their own living expenses, accommodations, and related expenses for the brainwashing. These expenses could be as little as a few thousand yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 yuan.] and as high as tens of thousands of yuan.

* "610 Office" is a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches.