(Clearwisdom.net) In the past four years, the Captain of the National Security Brigade, Gong Chuanxing and his followers have persecuted many local Dafa practitioners and their families. In order to expose their crimes and help bring an end to the persecution, we will list their crimes today and in the future.

Practitioner Ms. Li Suya (Over 50)

Ms. Li was an employee at the Aohanqi Production Plant. She refused to give up the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance, and she set out for Beijing three times in 1999 to appeal for Falun Gong. However, each time the police intercepted her midway and returned her to Aohanqi. She was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor and later transferred from the labor camp to the Chifeng City Psychiatric Hospital. She was subjected to punitive administration of nerve-damaging drugs, even though no evidence existed showing that she suffered from any psychiatric disorder. The nerve-damaging drugs paralyzed her cognitive functions and made her appear to be a psychiatric patient. After Ms. Li Suya was released, a distant relative took her in and looked after her. However, the local police would not leave her alone. During the 16th Assembly of the National People's Congress in 2003, the local police abducted her and took her to the forced brainwashing center for half a month.

Practitioner Mr. Ji Xiaodong (34)

Mr. Ji is a college graduate and an employee at the Aohanqi Property Tax Bureau. Mr. Ji journeyed to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. After his return, every week the staff from the National Security Brigade and his employer would try to pressure him into writing a guarantee not to practice Falun Gong. In October 1999, Mr. Ji traveled to Beijing again to appeal for Falun Dafa, but the Captain of the National Security Brigade, Gong Chuanxing, and his policemen took Mr. Ji back to Aohanqi and sentenced him to two years in prison. Soon afterwards, his wife divorced him, taking both their property and their child. When Mr. Ji was released in the fall of 2001, he was homeless, so he stayed temporarily at the residence of Dafa practitioners Mr. Sun Guorong and Mrs. Jiang Zhili. After just over a month, the police arrested Mr. Ji for clarifying the truth about the persecution on the streets. According to Chinese laws, Mr. Ji had the right to appeal, but the authorities denied him his rights. He was held in a detention center. Mr. Ji often found himself being physically and verbally abused by the staff at the detention center. He protested against the persecution and his own imprisonment several times by going on hunger strikes, and each time he was tortured. Four or five men (disciplinary staff and prison inmates) would drag him outside to force-feed him with high-concentration salt-water while holding him down. [Note: Force-feeding with saturated salt-water causes intense pain in the gut. Many practitioners have died from this because of the resulting dehydration.] Later Mr. Ji was sentenced to five years in prison. He is now incarcerated in Chifeng Prison, and he is still being physically and psychologically tortured.

Practitioner Couple Mr. Sun Guorong and Ms. Jiang Zhili

The police abducted Mr. Sun Guorong, his wife Ms. Jiang Zhili and Mr. Ji Xiaodong, a practitioner temporarily staying with the Sun's after leaving home to avoid the persecution. Policemen from the National Security Brigade left nothing in the Suns' home untouched, and the floor was strewn with objects the police had thrown around. These policemen kept cursing and uttering nothing but profanities while they ransacked the Sun's house, and they then knocked down the closet. Finally, the police abducted Mr. and Mrs. Sun, and left their 13-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son alone at home with no one to care for them. Guard Ji Yahuan is infamous for her vicious treatment of incarcerated Dafa practitioners in the detention center. Ji Yahuan once entered Ms. Jiang Zhili's cell, raised Ms. Jiang's shirt and found her wearing a belt approximately 1.1 feet in length made from leftover yarn. [The detention center forbids wearing belts, so Ms. Jiang had to use leftover yarn to prevent her pants from dropping.] Ji Yahuan immediately struck Ms. Jiang's face twice and verbally abused her. All of the practitioners at the detention are required to recite the rules of the detention center, or they are savagely beaten and forced to remain standing for an extended period of time.

Later Mr. and Mrs. Sun Guorong were each sentenced to three years in prison. Mr. Sun Guorong is now incarcerated in Chifeng Prison, where he is subjected to many tortures. The whereabouts of Mrs. Jiang Zhili are unknown.

Practitioner Ms. Liu Yanhui (32)

Ms. Liu Yanhui is a college graduate, and he was employed at the Aohanqi Technology Supervision Bureau. Prior to practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Liu suffered from aseptic necrosis of the femoral heads (a difficult to cure bone disease affecting the femur, or upper leg bones) and uremia (accumulation in the blood of constituents normally eliminated in the urine that produces a severe toxic condition and usually occurs as a result of severe kidney disease.) Because of these ailments, she had difficulty walking. Furthermore, each time she tried to walk, she would be in agony. She sought medical treatment from the best doctors she could find, but nothing helped. She even contemplated having her legs amputated in Beijing. After Ms. Liu started to practice Falun Gong in 1996, her ailments continually improved and eventually disappeared entirely. Ms. Liu went to Beijing on July 20, 1999 to appeal for Falun Gong. Upon her return, Ms. Liu was taken to a detention center. In the fall of 2001, Ms. Liu was arrested for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to local residents. One morning, Yu Ze, a guard in the detention center, noticed her practicing Falun Gong exercises and bound her hands with seven pairs of handcuffs. The handcuffs cut her wrists and caused incessant bleeding. Yu Ze then asked her, "Will you practice Falun Gong again?" She replied, "Yes." The prison guards then handcuffed her to the door to the courtyard, and they deliberately left the door open to expose her to the freezing cold. Later Ms. Liu Yanhui was sentenced to four years in prison.

Practitioner Ms. Zhu Rong (Over 50)

Ms. Zhu Rong lived in the northern part of Xinhui Town, Aohanqi. She is a kind woman with a pure heart. Ms. Zhu was completely illiterate. After Ms. Zhu Rong practiced Falun Gong, she was sentenced to two years in prison in the fall of 2001. Even so, her belief in Falun Gong was not shaken. In the fall of 2003, Ms. Zhu Rong was abducted again and sent to a forced brainwashing center in Chifeng City. Strangely enough, the brainwashing staff has published an article in the Aohan News supposedly written by Ms. Zhu Rong, and this article contained nothing but lies. Since Ms. Zhu is illiterate, it is not difficult to conclude that someone else wrote this article.

Practitioner Mr. Li Haidong

Mr. Li Haidong is a Dafa practitioner from Dashiqiao, Liaoning Province. The police abducted him while he was in Aohanqi. They used all sorts of cruel tortures against Mr. Li Haidong, including shocking him with eight electric cattle prods simultaneously for several consecutive days and nights. Mr. Li is now imprisoned in the Aohanqi Detention Center.

In February 2002, Dafa practitioners from Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, including Ms. Xu Xiuying, Ms. Li Yingxuan, and Ms. Jiao Zhihua, were abducted by Aohanqi police while distributing truth-clarification flyers. The Aohanqi police repeatedly struck them. When the police handcuffed their swelling wrists after the beating, the handcuffs cut deeply into their flesh. The police had them sit on a cold concrete floor for a long period of time. In addition to torturing the practitioners physically, the police also pocketed all of their money. They then videotaped the practitioners and broadcast the footage on the local TV network. Later, Gong Chuanxing took them to the Aohanqi Public Security Bureau. After the police van arrived at the security bureau, the policemen pulled them by the hair up a flight of stairs while admitting matter-of-factly, "We don't even treat murderers in this manner." Police officer Dai Fengrong used a belt to tie the heads of Ms. Xu Xiuying and Ms. Li Yingxuan together, forcing them to tilt their heads backward and causing them to have a hard time even to breathe. Dai Fengrong poured water all over their faces while they were tied together. Two days later, the police officers of the Aohanqi Public Security Bureau beat them savagely at night. They tortured Ms. Li Yingxuan by pinching her lips with a pincer about seven to eight inches long. They showered Ms. Jiao Zhihua with violent slaps to the face. The Head of the Public Security Bureau personally flogged Ms. Xu Xiuying's back with a leather belt. On the third morning, Gong Chuanxing came and repeatedly slapped Ms. Xu Xiuying in the face. Then the police tried to extort 3,000 to 4,000 yuan from each person in exchange for their release, but none of them gave in [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.]. Finally, the police lowered the price to 2,000 yuan. Police officer Li Fengjun told them shamelessly, "You are ignorant of the simplest matters! If each of you had given us 5,000 yuan at the time of the arrest, we would have released you right away."

The police became embarrassed, then enraged, when they failed to extort any money from the practitioners, so they transferred these practitioners to the detention center for escalated torture as revenge. Once in the detention center, they went on a joint hunger strike to protest the persecution. The Head of the detention center Mr. Zuo Fu goaded the prison inmates to torture them with abusive force-feeding of salted-soup that was already foul and saturated salt water. [Note: The purpose of police force-feeding is not to provide nourishment, but rather to punish practitioners and to cause so much pain that they will renounce Falun Gong. To that end, the police have used many different means to cause excruciating pain and injury.] When the prison inmates failed to force-feed them with saturated salt-water or soup that had gone bad, they poured it over the practitioners. As a result, the practitioners' clothes and even undergarments became soaking wet. Before their clothes could dry, the inmates would start the next round of abusive force-feeding and splashing. During the freezing cold winters, these three practitioners would be soaked around the clock,, and it was as though they were wearing layers of icy water. Soon, Ms. Xu Xiuying became extremely frail due to the brutal tortures. However, Gong Chuanxing and his accomplices did not lessen their persecution. Finally, twenty-five days later, when Ms. Xu Xiuying was at the brink of death, the policemen contemplated releasing them. However, the police hid the torture and the alarming health conditions of the practitioners from their families to extort 3,000 yuan from each family before they finally released them. After Ms. Xu Xiuying returned home, she was still extremely frail. Blood seeped out from her mouth, she was afflicted by a high fever, and she could not stop coughing. Ten days later, the police went to Ms. Jiao Zhihua's home and attempted to abduct her again. Fortunately, Ms. Jiao's family had already sent her to a safer place, so the police did not succeed. Moreover, the police often called and harassed Ms. Xu Xiuying's family. As a result of the persecution, Ms. Xu's elderly parents have not seen her for several years. These are some of the crimes that Gong Chuanxing and his policemen have committed against Falun Gong practitioners.

We are still investigating and collecting the facts of the many crimes against Falun Gong practitioners committed by Gong Chuanxing and his followers, as well as the total amount of money they have extorted from Falun Gong practitioners in Aohanqi, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. We will continue to publish our findings in China and abroad.