(Clearwisdom.net) The Ontario Superior Court of Justice issued the verdict on February 3, 2004 and found Pan Xinchun, Deputy Chinese Consul General in Toronto, guilty of libel. Canadian MP Rob Anders wrote Falun Gong practitioner in congratulation of the news. He said: "I am delighted to hear of the Ontario court ruling which has found the Chinese Consul General in Toronto guilty of slandering Falun Gong."

He wrote: "This decision sends a strong message to Chinese officials here that they are not free to disseminate state hate propaganda as they might in the People's Republic of China. It is an assertion of rule of law and Canadian sovereignty. The actions of Chinese consular staff are repugnant and those involved should have their diplomatic privileges revoked and be asked to leave the country.

"I am disturbed by the non-diplomatic activities of the Chinese government here in Canada. I have been notified by practitioners that Chinese officials are conducting anti-Falun Gong activities, including; rallies, distributing letters and brouchers to all levels of Canadian officials and supporters of Falun Gong, infiltration of student campus groups, denial of visas to China or passport extensions and large scale poster displays inside Chinese Consulates and the Embassy. I myself have personally experienced the abuse that the Chinese government often resorts to when dealing with freedom of expression.

"It's time for Chinese authorities to seriously consider a change in policy towards practitioners, and how they conduct themselves while stationed abroad. This ruling underlines the message that such uncivilized behavior is unacceptable, and the oppressive intolerance of spiritual beliefs and freedom of speech is unwelcome here in Canada."