[Clearwisdom.net] I would like to share my understanding about the recent, unreasonable detention of Dafa practitioners in Paris. I was among those detained.

As I sat inside a police car, my husband (not a practitioner) and I felt a bit resentful. A US practitioner reminded me that as practitioners, we needed to stay calm so that we could clarify the truth to the police. Certainly! If our hearts are shaken or we start getting angry, how can we expect people to remain peaceful and listen to our truth clarification?

After returning to Germany, I felt this is an opportunity for the media to expose the evil. However, my mind was still filled with a strong intention of having the newspapers demand justice for us when we were on the way to the first newspaper office. Therefore, after I finished describing what had happened to us in Paris to the newspaper, the editor told us, "This is not a place for filing a complaint. You'd better go to the French Consulate. We are just a local newspaper, and aren't a place where an international event such as yours can be resolved. Furthermore, detention for four hours is almost nothing. Some people were put in custody for forty hours!" At that time, I did not know what else I could say.

After leaving the newspaper office, I realized immediately that what the editor said had perfectly reflected my mind. I asked myself why I went to the newspaper office and told them of my experience in Paris? As a practitioner, nobody will help if the mentality of selfishness arises. I began to get clear-headed. I should be using the Paris incident to expose the evil and clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the world. Master Li has pointed out very clearly in the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference, "The most important goal in clarifying the truth is to save sentient beings." It was for the sentient beings that I came to visit the newspaper office.

After realizing this, I adjusted my attitude and paid visits to two additional newspapers. The attitudes of the people there were completely different. One newspaper made an appointment to interview my husband and I, to learn the whole process of the unreasonable detention in Paris. They also showed great interest in the photos we took. Another newspaper agreed to publish the contents of our story as well as photos as we asked them to do.