(Clearwisdom Net) Ms. Wang Yulan from Lijia Village of Bohai Township in the Xinglongtai District of Panjin City, Liaoning Province suffered from many ailments before practicing Falun Dafa, including arachnoids adhesion, cerebral tuberculosis, vertebral disc necrosis, thoracic canal stenosis between T12-T13, tuberculosis, and myoma of the uterus. She often suffered from seizures. She was confined to bed as she was paralyzed. Her urine had to be discharged through a catheter, and her excrement by way of an enema. She was only able to still move her hands and head, although she couldn't reach her ears. Rolling over in bed was impossible for her. Wang Yulan was at at death's door.

Her husband spent a great deal of money to find a cure, as he had to take her to several hospitals. Finally, the doctors of No. 301 Hospital came up with a diagnosis. They spent all their money on the medical examinations and treatments. They also borrowed money from every relative and friend. They had visited the best hospitals, tried the state-of-art treatment, and spent over 100,000 yuan [The average monthly income of an urban worker is 500 yuan]. Still, not much improvement was made regarding Wang Yulan's health.

On September of 15, 1996, after surgery of the arachnoids adhesion in No.4 Anshan Hospital, the doctor asked her to take some time to recover before the next surgery on the Thoracic canal stenosis. Wang Yulan almost died in the operation room. She didn't see much improvement after the surgery, though. After all these expenditures, her family couldn't afford any further medical treatment. They went home and prepared for her death.

In July of 1997, when the entire family was in despair, one of their relatives introduced Falun Gong to them. After Wang Yulan read Zhuan Falun, she thought it was a wonderful book. Every moment she was awake, she wanted to read the book. While lying in bed, she began to move her hand and try to do the exercises. She understood that it was her only hope, as at that time she had completely lost trust in conventional medical treatments.

Soon after Wang Yulan began to read the book and practice some of the exercises, she could slowly roll over in bed. When she could reach the tape recorder herself and press the play button to listen to the lectures given by Mr. Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong, she broke out in tears in excitement. Two months later, her husband noticed her improvements. He asked her if she could still feel the myoma in her uterus. She had almost forgotten about it. She used to be able to feel the myoma, which was about 12.7 x 10.1 centimeters in diameter. However, she couldn't find it any more. Three months later, after being paralyzed for 22 months, she could sit up. She said that when she saw the green field out of the window and the bird flying in the sky, she felt extreme happiness. She had heart-felt gratitude towards the Teacher of Falun Dafa. It was the wonder of Falun Dafa and the benevolent Teacher that gave her a second life.

Wang Yulan began with the meditation after she could sit up. Four months later, she no longer needed the catheter and the enema. She could visit the bathroom now. Five months later, she could get out off bed and stand up. After six months, she could walk while leaning on the edge of the bed. In the 15th month, a stone about the size of an egg (7.5x5.3x4.3) was expelled from her urinary tract.

The doctors were amazed and they called it a medical miracle. (Wang Yulan kept the urethral stone for a long time. Many people saw it. The people in "610 Office"* of Panjin City, the Police Department, and the police station in Bohai Township all saw it. I saw it myself, too. It's a pity that a practitioner carried it to take photos and accidentally smashed it. Here is the photo of the smashed chunk.)

* "610 Office" is a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches.

Wang Yulan said, "Had I not practiced Dafa, I wouldn't be alive today. I am grateful to Dafa and the Teacher. " (The photo was taken in May of 2003)

It is not hard to imagine the pain Wang Yulan suffered when expelling a stone of that size from her urinary tract. She suffered high fever, chills and numbness from early evening to one or two o'clock in the morning and she had also seizures. All of a sudden, the urethral stone was expelled. Her husband was not at home at that time. When he returned, he saw her weeping in bed. He was afraid someone had hurt her. She was so excited that the only words she could say was, "Benevolent Teacher... Benevolent Teacher..." When her husband asked what happened, she took out the stone from the plastic bag. He asked where she got it. She told him that it was expelled from her urinary tract. He was really surprised, but couldn't believe it. How could a urethral stone as big as that be expelled through the urinary tract? Yet he saw the truth of it. After the stone was expelled, many of her symptoms disappeared. From then on, she no longer suffered seizures. Now she can walk while holding on to a stool. She can take care of herself, too. Here is a recent photo of Wang Yulan.

It is a miracle that Wang Yulan still is alive. The medical workers know that arachnoids adhesion, cerebral tuberculosis, and thoracic canal stenosis are all deadly diseases. The miracles that happened to Wang Yulan greatly shocked the people in the village. They all crowded into her living room to watch the nine-day lecture given by Mr. Li Hongzhi. The crowd even stood outside the house. A large number of people started to practice Falun Dafa and those who truly practiced benefited mentally and physically.

Falun Dafa saved Wang Yulan's life and brought hope to her family. However, she has endured many tribulations since Jiang Zemin started to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. She was under great pressure because of continuing with the practice. If it were not for the persecution, I think she might have done much better.

Telephone number of Wang Yulan: 86-427-2872799

Story collected by practitioners in Panjin City and written on January 29, 2004