(Clearwisdom.net) Guancheng City Police abducted Mr. Quan Peijian of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province on May 21, 2003. Nine policemen from the national security section of the police department took turns brutally torturing him.

They stripped off all his clothing except the underwear. They hung him up side down and used electric batons to shock him all over his body including his mouth and genitals. They felt the electric batons they had were not strong enough so they went out and brought another new baton. They shocked Mr. Quan until he lost consciousness and his body became cold from going into shock. Only after he became unconscious did the policemen take him down. But when Mr. Quan regained consciousness, they hung him up again and resumed electrically shocking him. They repeated this brutal torture for over 24 hours. The policemen also put a motorcycle helmet on Mr. Quan's head and blew cigarette smoke into the helmet. [note: Falun Gong practitioners do not drink alcohol or smoke as a result of their practice] Then they burned him with the cigarettes and hit him madly with boards. Various other tortures were used on him including forcibly depriving him of sleep for several days. The torture lasted almost a week in an attempt to force Mr. Quan to confess the "crimes" fabricated by the police. But Mr. Quan did not give in and refused to cooperate with those vicious policemen.

They not only tortured Mr. Quan physically, but they also tried to torture him psychologically. On May 21 when they seized Mr. Quan, the police also seized his wife. Because the authorities could not come up with an excuse for detaining her, she was released after she had been on a hunger strike for 4 days. An officer from the Beixia Street Deputy Office Comprehensive Administration Section shouted, "If Quan Peijiang refuses to confess, we will also arrest his daughter."

In the morning of June 20, one month after Mr. Quan had been falsely arrested, his wife and neighbor visited him in the detention center of the Guancheng Police Department. They could not recognize him when they saw him. He used to be so strong and healthy, but now he looked completely disfigured; yellowish, pale and skinny with swellings around both eyes.

Since the police could not get what they wanted from Mr. Quan, they transferred him and 8 other Falun Dafa practitioners (all have been tortured more or less) to Zhengzhou City First Detention Center. Here, the practitioners were forced to work for over 10 hours daily to make the paper money used for Chinese ceremonies to honor their dead.

At 2:30pm on December 29, 2003, Guancheng Court conducted a show trial with Mr. Quan Peijian, Ms. Feng Caiqin, Ms. Zang Yufeng, and Ms. Li Guizhen. Mr. Quan calmly exposed the police's atrocities and acted as his own defense [note: Lawyers have been given government rules declaring they cannot defend Falun Gong practitioners], pleading "Not Guilty". His kind words and honest attitude moved many people and manifested the compassion, kindness, fairness and honesty of a Falun Dafa practitioner. The court was unable to pass any sentences on that day. Currently 7 practitioners (4 mentioned above and another 3 practitioners including Ms. Niu Tongqin) are still being detained in the Zhengzhou City First Detention Center. It is hoped that all Falun Dafa practitioners will sent forth righteous thoughts to help those practitioners break out of the detention center as soon as possible.