A fellow practitioner said with emotion, "I saw my sister's little boy and I thought I absolutely will not become an old force." He continued, "He is only two or three years old and he is already like that. He acknowledges what adults say, but doesn't listen. Adults' words are just useless to him, as he just does whatever he wants." This practitioner saw a parallel, and realized that the old forces committed the sin of damaging the Fa-rectification, mainly because they did not listen to the principles Teacher teaches. Because of this, they are being weeded out.

We can see this phenomenon in our daily lives. I often come across this kind of person. When you give him very good advice, he appears to listen, but later you discover that he's still maintaining his old conduct. Some people repeat the same mistake many times and eventually form a habit. Still others simply do not listen to anyone else's ideas or understanding and stubbornly insist on having their own way rather than reasoning whether what others said makes sense.

As practitioners, we also encounter this problem. Some local practitioners take the initiative to ask others, "Do you see any attachment in me?" "How do I get rid of this attachment?" or "Why do I have such-and-such attachment?" and so on. When other practitioners really offered to help them see their shortcomings, they nevertheless make all sorts of excuses to keep the attachments. Even after several discussions with other practitioners, they don't make any real progress.

In fact, if we really want to get rid of our attachments we don't need to ask why, we need only follow the requirements of Teacher and Dafa. Hearing stories like these, I searched within myself: Do I have similar problems?

I remembered that when fellow practitioners pointed out my attachments in the past, if I did not realize it at the time, I said, "what you have said makes sense, but then..." reasoning away and fooling myself. Now I can see those deeply hidden and ostentatious attachments. On the surface it seemed as if fellow practitioners just had a different understanding, and through experience sharing this could be overcome, but in fact I was just covering up my attachments.

I have reached this understanding: Listen to Teacher's words, take the Fa as our teacher, bravely face our attachments, and make corrections in a timely manner. This is what true cultivation is.