(Clearwisdom.net) Li Xuehong was a teacher from the High School of Nandaihe Changbai Mechanism of Funing County, Hebei Province. He was an elite National Mathematics Olympiad coach as well as a member of the Mathematics Research and Development Center of the Chinese Education Society. In his teaching career, he taught numerous outstanding students and was well respected by the school and parents. However, after practicing Falun Gong, Li Xuehong was persecuted, and after the publishing of an article on the Minghui website, he was forced leave his home and become homeless to avoid being arrested.

This October in one of his classes, Li Xuehong shared his experiences of how practicing Falun Gong was beneficial to him personally. He said that, initially, there were two instructors teaching a class, and at that time, he had to go to the hospital due to exhaustion. However, after practicing Falun Gong, he was able to teach four classes single-handedly, and the students still obtained better test scores than before. Before practicing, he had renal colic, lower back pain, rheumatism, and many other illnesses. But after practicing, these problems disappeared. Li Xuehong also talked about how Falun Dafa was spread, how Falun Dafa practitioners were being persecuted and the overseas lawsuits against Jiang Zemin and his group.

As a result of such a discussion in the class, he was reported to the police by some parents who were misinformed about Falun Dafa. Four police officers were involved in the arrest. Included in this group was Nandaihe Police Department Deputy Chief Song Zhemin, an officer from the Public Security Section (who took charge of the harassment), and police officer Huang Jinming. They used "disrupting public order" as a pretext to ransack Li Xuehong's house. They took away all of his Falun Dafa books. Song Zhemin also threatened, "Li Xuehong, I can make you lose your job." The following day after the illegal ransacking, Li Xuehong was called to the Police Station and detained for a week. In the presence of many people, the Police Department Chief Zhao Qingshan even told Li Xuehong that he would see to it that he would not be able to teach any classes again. Consequently, Li Xuehong was forced to become homeless and go from place to place to avoid being arrested.

These police officers once said to Li Xuehong, "We all know that you are an excellent National Mathematics Olympiad tutor. We all know that you are a good person." Although they knew he was a good man, they were still trying to arrest him.

People and units responsible for the persecution of Li Xuehong:

Nandaihe Police Department Chief: Zhao Qingshan
Deputy Chief: Song Zhemin
Police officer: Huang Jinming, 86-13081876009 (Cell)
Public Security Section: Section Lead Mr. Song
Changbai Manager: Wang Xianlong
Secretary: Lei Guangping
School Principal: Zhang Yushan, 86-335-4059903
Primary School Section Principal: Wang Zhuanchen, 86-335-4058410