The photos below show the re-enactments, except for the last one.

Currently there are about 60 Falun Dafa practitioners detained in Daqing Prison, Heilongjiang Province. They wanted to make it a center for coercive brainwashing so they transferred in over 30 practitioner prisoners from the Ha male prison. The persecution in Daqing is extremely cruel and harsh. For example, Mr. Wang Yongquan, a strong and healthy practitioner, was tortured to death in just a few days. He died March 8, 2004.

Recently Mr. Cheng Peiming, a practitioner transferred from Ha prison, suffered serious pulmonary tuberculosis and vomited blood as a result of the torture. Although he had lost a lot of weight, his family was not allowed to visit him, which was heartbreaking for them. Practitioner Mr. Li Hai is locked in a small isolation area again. He had been on a hunger strike for over 10 days and is now in critical condition because his mouth and throat were seriously injured when they force-fed him with a tube down his throat.

The tortures that Daqing prison employs regularly include:

1. Beatings severe enough to cause internal injuries

In 2001, they beat a young practitioner, Mr. Zhu Hongbing, so severely that one of his lungs became completely infected and part of the lung broke off. The doctor was terrified when he drained the pus and noticed a piece of the lung. Mr. Zhu remains in the hospital today.

2. Being bound on a cross-shaped stand

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In February 2004, Li Fengjiang of the seventh area police encouraged prison inmates to harass Mr. Zhao Yuan, Mr. Jin Sheng, and Mr. Guan Zhao. The inmates took off the practitioners' clothes, bound each of them to a 20-cm wide by 2-m long wooden cross and laid them on the floor of the bathroom with the windows open. They beat them, and whenever they lost consciousness, they poured cold water over them to reawaken them. They burned the practitioners with lit cigarettes, lashed them with a leather belt, tormented them day and night, and deprived them of sleep. The harassment continued as long as the practitioners refused to write the "five statements."(These statements include the dissociation statement, repentance statement, Guarantee Statement, renunciation statement, etc.) The humiliation was so unbearable they had no other choice.

They broke Mr. Zhao Yuan's eardrum, and today his hearing is still impaired. Mr. Jin Sheng was beaten until he had bruises all over his body, and his legs were so swollen that it was impossible for him to take off his pants. Mr. Guan Zhao's face was badly distorted, his ribs were swollen from being beaten, he had wounds and cuts all over his body, and he had blood in his urine for over two weeks.

3. Becoming a living skeleton as a result of the persecution

In 2004, Li Fangjie, the lead guard of the third area, beat Mr. Zheng Zhong, a fine young practitioner, so severely that he vomited blood and developed a stomach condition that made him throw up whatever he ate. Within six months he had lost so much weight that he looked like a skeleton. It was a very sorrowful scene.

4. Filling the body with cold water through a plastic tube

One prison guard urged inmates to beat Mr. Li Lizhuang, a practitioner, and break his ribs. On a freezing cold winter day, they stripped off his clothes, dropped him into cold water, and pulled and squeezed his testicles. He was subjected to this torture repeatedly. They also scraped his ribs with a hard material, and pumped cold water into his body through a plastic tube inserted up his rectum. They pulled him up to walk when he was in danger of death, which may have been easier than the continued humiliation and physical torture that he had to endure.

5. Freezing in cold weather

Mr. Zhang Xingye, along with other practitioners, was humiliated and tortured with the freezing technique. They were put naked into a place with open windows in temperatures around -20 degrees C (-4 degrees F) for days and nights until they lost consciousness.

The tortures continue and the number persecuted is countless.

I sincerely advise the prison guards in Daqing Prison to end the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners, restore their visitation rights, and immediately release all illegally detained practitioners.

Telephone numbers for those associated with the Daqing Prison:

Country code: 86, Area code: 459

Tang Yongfu, Prison Director: 5056688 (work), 5105087 (home), 13303690588 (cell)

Chen Qingfa, Political Commissioner: 5058588 (work), 4686358 (home), 13329491288 (cell)

Wang Yingjie, Vice Prison Director: 5059919 (work), 6363870 (home), 13329393777 (cell)

Guo Chuntang, Reeducation Section Chief: 5059750 (work), 6388886 (home), 13039882277 (cell)

Zhu Renshan, Head of Second Area: 5059596 (work), 5699290 (home), 13936776952 (cell)

Zhu Wenwu, Vice Head of the Second Area: 5059596 (work), 6688246 (home), 13054213979 (cell)

Li Fengjiang, Head of the Seventh Area: 5059233 (work), 5962033 (home), 13359603366 (cell)

Xiang Zhenchun, Vice Head of the Seventh Area: 4325993 (home)

Gao Zhanghuo, Vice Head of the Seventh Area: 5059233 (work), 6369885 (home), 13936998789 (cell)

Zhang Chunsheng, Auxiliary Seventh Area Instructor: 5363636

Mailing Address: Daqing Prison, Hongweixing Street, Ranghulu Region, Daqing City 163159