(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, after repeatedly reading through several of Master's newly published articles and overseas lectures, I felt a sense of urgency and great responsibility. I suddenly understood that I should clarify the facts to the family members of those practitioners who are still suffering the persecution, resolve their misunderstandings and enable them to be saved. At the same time, they would be able to provide strong support to these Dafa disciples who are suffering from the persecution and help them to firmly hold their righteous belief and thoughts.

I sent forth righteous thoughts at home and asked Master to strengthen my abilities and eliminate any evil and interference. When I entered a practitioner's home, her family was very glad to see me. I sat down and asked how their child was doing in school and inquired about the health of their parents. I knew that this practitioner had done a lot of truth-clarification before being arrested and sentenced to a three-year jail term. Her family members told me that she refused to write or sign anything in jail. After hearing this, I was very happy for my fellow practitioner.

Her family members talked about the suffering my fellow practitioner experienced inside the jail and the pain they endured. They thought that if the government does not allow people to practice Falun Gong, then they should quit the practice. It seemed to them that the persecution was inevitable. I wanted to change their way of thinking and let them know that their family member is doing the righteous thing. Thus I said to them, "Your beloved one attended to her parents, took good care of her child and husband and brought happiness to the entire family. At the same time, she did the exercises to strengthen her health that in turn benefited her entire family. Cultivating "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance" is absolutely not wrong. It is Jiang Zemin who puts good people in jail, tortures them with all kinds of instruments and has murdered more than one thousand practitioners. Many families have been torn apart or made homeless and destitute. Jiang Zemin brought calamity to the country and the people, and he is the real chief criminal."

I also told them that people in more than sixty countries in the world are practicing Falun Gong and that it is well received in these countries. In many countries, practitioners are taking Jiang Zemin to court. One of the practitioner's family members immediately followed my words by saying, "Our family member is a good person. She did not commit any crime, nor did she do anything bad, so she should not be locked up in jail."

Then I talked about the lies on television and told them that the world will soon know the truth of Falun Gong. Falun Gong will prevail and soon Falun Gong practitioners will be able to reunite with their families. After that, I repeatedly reminded them not to put any pressure on their family member, such as forcing her to write a "Guarantee Statement," because she would feel deep regret if she were to write such a statement, even if that could get her out of jail. I explained that the pains a Falun Gong practitioner has suffered will not be in vain and that Master is by her side at all times, and they should not worry about her. When I noticed that her elderly family members were really old and not in good health, I told them if they recite, "Falun Dafa is good" in their hearts, their health will improve.

During this entire time, I adjusted my mind and way of thinking. I did not lose my patience or rush during my conversation. I presented the facts according to their understanding and ability to accept it. The presentation was complete and detailed and the outcome was very good.

November 23, 2004