(Clearwisdom.net) My aunt, brother and I decided to go to the market to clarify the truth about the persecution. I marked on my calendar the weekend market schedule of the villages and counties near where we live.

On the first day that we went to distribute the truth-clarifying materials in the market, I had already prepared the flyers the night before. I could not control my happiness, so I restrained myself in the heart of tranquility. I was a little nervous when we set out, but the three of us calmed ourselves by sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all of the evil beings and dark minions that would interfere with our truth clarification to save the sentient beings both at the market and in our own dimensions.

When we arrived, I stayed with my brother and my aunt went off by herself. My heart started to beat rapidly, and I realized that this was caused by my own fear. I tried very hard to calm myself down. I carefully took out a truth-clarifying pamphlet, and spotted an old lady carrying a basket. I approached her, and said, "Madam, would you please take a look?" Unexpectedly, she answered without even glancing up, "I don't want it." I was very disappointed, but I wondered if the problem was with me or evil interference?

I continuously sent forth righteous thoughts and looked inside myself. I discovered that the evil had made use of my attachment of vanity to interfere. I became calm once I had recognized my problem, and thought, "I am doing the most righteous thing possible." At that instant, I felt myself fill with a warm current, and a tremor went through my entire body. I then offered flyers with a peaceful and compassionate heart; I smiled and addressed each person politely as I offered information to them. They took my truth-clarifying material with smiles. When I thanked them, they kindly said, "No need to say thanks." I felt that my body was very warm while distributing the truth-clarifying material, and I knew that Teacher was helping me.

By the time I finished distributing close to one hundred pamphlets, I was feeling extremely light. On our way home, my brother and I posted truth-clarifying material on telephone poles.

This was my first experience of offering truth-clarifying pamphlets face-to-face into the hands of sentient beings. Some people also said to me, "Falun has come" when they received the flyer.

November 19, 2004