(Clearwisdom.net) 65-year old Ms. Yang Jusheng was sent to the Baimalong Women's Labor Camp in May 2004 for her belief in Falun Dafa. Since then, she has endured various inhumane tortures. She was forced to stand for an extended period of time, which caused a serious prolapse of her rectum and she was not allowed to sleep for 13 days straight. In addition, the long-term physical punishment left both of her feet disabled, and now she can barely walk. The following is Yang Jusheng's account.

My name is Yang Jusheng and I'm 65 years old. I'm from Shuangfeng County, Hunan Province. I was abducted and taken to the Baimalong Women's Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province on May 10, 2004 simply because I practice Falun Dafa. On September 14, the labor camp officials put me in the "strictly-monitored" section in order to force me to give up my belief in Falun Dafa. I suffered severe tortures in there. That same day, they forced me to stand still from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. the next morning. I was not allowed to move at all for 13 hours. Even a slight movement would lead to a severe beating by the guards on duty. The extended standing caused a prolapse of my rectum. Several inches of the rectum slipped out, and I bled a lot. Even so, the policemen didn't allow me to change clothes or take a shower.

At 8:00 o'clock the next morning, policeman Yuan Jia ordered me to squat down with my hands on my lap and my feet together. He forced me to squat in that position for six days straight. I was not allowed to stand up even when eating. This caused excruciating pain in the tendons of my feet. Whenever I moved my body slightly, they violently punched and kicked me. If I let out a groan due to the unbearable pain, the guard on duty, Wang Fang, would take off her socks and shove them into my mouth. The guards ruthlessly beat me. I couldn't hold my neck straight. Feeling sick and dizzy, I could not stay still. I often fell on my back or on my face. I don't remember how many times I fell down. They also didn't allow me to use the restroom. I just had to hold it. After a long time, I no longer had the urge to go to the restroom. My calves and feet were swollen, and I could not stand still.

They did not allow me to sleep for 13 days. I wasn't even allowed to blink my eyes. The long- term torture left both my feet crippled. The soles of my feet turned purple-red. The calluses on the soles of my feet started to peel off. My shins hurt a lot, and my legs were numb. I couldn't bend my right ankle, so I had to drag my right foot when I walked and I fell down and hit my head many times. My head was covered with bumps. It's been more than 40 days, and I have still not recovered. I still limp when I walk.

I call upon the human rights organizations and people of conscience to investigate what is happening in Baimalong Labor Camp; put the perpetrators on trial and help stop the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners.