(Clearwisdom.net) Since November 2004, at Seoul's new busy area -- Gangnam Station, Falun Gong practitioners have been holding a live torture reenactment every Sunday to expose the Jiang faction's brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in China.

One of the practitioners involved in the anti-torture demonstration, Ms. Xu Jiashu, who started practicing Falun Gong in October this year, has voluntarily participated in the live torture-reenactment since November 14 and has attracted the media's attention.

Ms. Xu Jiashu had suffered from hyperthyroidism and had taken medical treatments for two years. After practicing Falun Gong for only one week, her health has recovered and she was able to stop taking medicine. Later, a blood test by the hospital showed that her thyroxin level has returned to normal. She herself was also very surprised.

Reenactment of the torture methods used against practitioners in China

Demonstrating the torture method known as "digging bamboo sticks into fingers," while accepting a media interview

Now, Ms. Xu actively introduces Falun Gong to people around her and exposes the unjustified suppression of Falun Gong in China. In order to allow more people to learn about the facts, she voluntarily participates in anti-torture exhibitions and plays the role of a practitioner in China who suffers the ruthless torture simply because of her steadfast belief in Truth-Compassion-Tolerance.

Ms. Xu Jiashu collecting petition signatures

Ms. Xu Jiashu is also a member of the "Committee for Rescuing Gao Chengnu" (Gao Chengnu, wife of a Korean man, is currently illegally imprisoned in China because of her practice of Falun Gong). She has collected many signatures from local citizens in support of the rescue of Gao Chengnu.

At present, a major signature drive calling for the rescue of Gao Chengnu is underway throughout Korea. In less than three months, more than 100,000 signatures have been collected. Various media outlets have also started paying attention to this activity.