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7. All Dafa Disciples are One Body

Cultivation is serious. In the current stage, it is also harsh. In the severe tests and severe tribulations arranged by the old forces, every test is a life-or-death test for us to let go of human attachments on our way towards godhood. Any human attachment would make us fall down and fail in our cultivation process halfway. Cultivation in the Fa-rectification period is even more serious. The stability of every Fa particle is related to the whole, and it is not just a problem related to oneself.

(1) Help and Support Each Other

In May 2001, several practitioners at the local material site that produced Dafa truth-clarification materials in our area were arrested. The whole group suffered a heavy loss, so all the practitioners responsible for producing truth-clarification materials gathered together twice. We made a lot of banners and truth-clarification materials to save sentient beings. The practitioners in the materials production site were responsible for posting them along major streets downtown, in local police stations and in detention centers. Practitioners who lived in their own homes were responsible to post materials in surrounding rural areas. We arranged to do it altogether at the same time. The two activities encouraged practitioners who previously had fear and dared not to come out to validate Dafa, and shocked the authorities responsible for the persecution. None of us encountered any danger.

"Dafa disciples are one body, and I affirm everything they've been doing during Fa-rectification --they're all doing what Dafa disciples should do. Different approaches are in fact the all-encompassing way in which roles are dynamically distributed in the operations of the Fa, and the Fa-power is a reflection of the one body." ("Do Not Differentiate Between Fa-Rectification Projects; 'A Great Way Has No Form' But Exists As a Whole", With Master's Comment)

When I delivered truth-clarification materials to other practitioners I often shared my experiences of taking practitioners who were previously too afraid to distribute truth-clarification materials with me. After distributing materials together a few times, most were able to distribute materials by themselves. Gradually, more and more practitioners came out to clarify the truth.

(2) We Understood About the Whole Body More Deeply after Certain Lessons

After the material site where I worked was damaged, some practitioners suspected that I was a spy and some feared to give me shelter. The practitioners who failed to cultivate their speech helped cause a big tribulation for me. The old force persecution prevailed due to the combined effects of the omission in the whole body and my own attachments.

Seven collaborators, six women and one man, deceived me to teach them how to use computers through a practitioner who was familiar with me. That was May 13, 2002, World Falun Dafa Day.

I arrived at one of their homes at 8pm. I didn't know them. They wanted me to teach them how to send letters to Minghui. I didn't bring with me the software to access the Internet at that time. Later they showed their true vicious faces and started to beat me. I have never been beaten like that before in my whole life, and felt flustered. I remembered what Wang Kemin, a fellow practitioner who was persecuted to death, said to me once, "When the evil people beat me, I felt flustered at first. But the more they beat me, the stronger the faith I have in Dafa. There is no way that they can get any information from me. I am willing to pay with my life for Truthfulness." His words encouraged me, and I gradually calmed down. The collaborators began to beat me mercilessly. They pulled my hair and threw me towards the wall. When I was knocked down, they kicked me hard. I was very clear-minded and realized that they just wanted to destroy my belief in Dafa. I told them in my mind, "Even if you beat me to death, I still have faith in Teacher. However, you are not allowed to take away my life. My life is to be saved to help Teacher in Fa-rectification and to save sentient beings!"

When the authorities found out that beating didn't work, they began to pressure me to answer their questions about where those responsible for the materials site lived. I searched within myself for my omissions. The practitioners they asked about had either helped me in my difficult times and I had developed human sentiment toward them, or they had previously had conflicts with me. I clearly saw the omissions in my cultivation and rectified them with the Fa.

The authorities exhausted all means and failed to obtain any information they wanted. So they decided to send me to a police station. I said to them in my mind, "It's up to Teacher to decide, not you." When they were cleaning up, I went to the bathroom. I said quietly in my mind, "Teacher, it's very important for me to stay outside to do Dafa work stably and to save sentient beings. Before the immense force of Fa-rectification comes, we cannot afford such a loss." When I stepped out of the bathroom, I found nobody in the living room or the bedroom. I knew it was my opportunity to escape, so I opened the door without hesitation and ran out as fast as I could. One of them chased after me. I sent forth righteous thoughts and at the same time I thought of Teacher's lecture about an ability called "magic feet, where you see an old man walking who walks very slowly and leisurely, but you can't catch up with him even on horseback." (Lecture at the Western United States Fa Conference) I asked Teacher to help so she couldn't catch me. With Teacher's protection, after a 14-hour tribulation, I escaped from the evil's clutches. I wasn't wearing any shoes and a fellow practitioner was surprised to see me. My face was swollen from the beating and my feet were full of bloody blisters.

After this incident, everyone in our small group searched deeply within us. Nobody blame others any more, and everyone realized that it's the responsibility of the whole body. Everyone understood the concept of whole body more deeply, instead of understanding it only from a theoretical perspective. We were forming a more and more encompassing whole body.

(3) Rationally Clarify the Truth When Working at a Material Site

I have never stopped clarifying the truth face-to-face and distributing flyers when I was working at the materials site. When I was not too busy, I often participated in posting truth clarification materials, too. Teacher told us,

"The old forces don't dare to oppose our clarifying the truth or saving sentient beings. What's key is to not let them take advantage of the gaps in your state of mind when you do things."

("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston")

It is not right from the Fa's point of view to think that it's dangerous for practitioners working in the materials site to clarify the truth or to distribute flyers. It all depends on our state of mind. Of course, practitioners in a materials site should consider the whole body more, and do so rationally according to the local situation. An experience of mine in clarifying the truth helped me to better understand the Fa quoted above.

I was taking a bus one day. The ticket seller in the bus started to talk about Falun Dafa without righteous thoughts. I thought I must clarify the truth to him. But when I saw there were so many people in the bus, I started to have fear. I had all kinds of software in my bag, and I feared even more. I sent righteous thoughts for a while, and asked Teacher to support me. I told the ticket seller who was standing next to the door, "The Chinese government has made the biggest fraud. The Tiananmen self-immolation was fabricated to defame Falun Gong." Everyone was looking at me. It became very quiet in the bus. I felt the understanding side of the sentient beings that yearned for the truth. A peaceful and compassionate field enveloped the whole bus. When I talked about how little Siying was able to speak with a tube on her trachea after tracheotomy, the ticket seller even helped me and said, "(The self-immolation) is false. I know if a person has a tracheotomy, he must stop the tube with his hands in order to make a little broken and wheezing sound."

I also talked about the wide spread of Dafa overseas. When I finished my talk, a girl told me, "Sister, I read your Dafa materials. I have a relative who also practices Dafa." Later when I met the ticket seller again, he greeted me enthusiastically.

After this experience, I always try my best to clarify truth when I take a bus, whether long-distance or short-distance, and more and more people are able to accept the truth.

If I had another choice, venerable Teacher, I would make the same choice again to make a pledge with you -- come to earth with Teacher, help Teacher to rectify Fa, safeguard the Fa with my life and be your Dafa disciple!