1. My manager said, "Go ahead and book the ticket."

My husband and I both practice Falun Gong, but my husband is my supervisor at work. "I'd like to go to New York and I want to take one month off," I told him. "For a month-long vacation, you have to talk to our manager," he replied. In fact, we've been working for the company more than a decade, and we have never seen anyone take such a long vacation. I was very calm, and yet determined. I silently asked Master to help me.

Before I headed home that day, I went to my manager, "I'd like to be excused to go to New York." "You can simply talk to your husband about this, just tell him which days you need off." my manager responded. "This time I'd like to take a longer vacation so my husband asked me to talk to you." After I told him that I wanted to take one month off, he was very surprised. "What will you do in the U.S. for a whole month?" he asked. "I want to use the vacation to distribute literature about Falun Gong. Also the annual UN conference will be held in New York and all the world's media will be there. Besides, Manhattan is the financial center of the world. The reason I'm going there is to help more people learn the truth about Falun Gong. I'm hopeful that more nations, governments, and people will help us stop the ongoing persecution in China. I wanted to get your permission before booking my ticket." The manager pondered a little bit and replied, "Go ahead and book the ticket."

2. Fortunate New Yorkers, walk slower, please!

Times Square is located around the corner of 42nd Street and Broadway. It is one of the most popular intersections in Manhattan. Falun Gong practitioners from Australia and Japan were holding an anti-torture exhibit there. Acting as a practitioner being persecuted in China, I was wearing clothes smeared with fake blood, and my legs were wrapped with thick ropes. I was sitting on the Tiger Bench, thinking about how practitioners in China are being tortured. After half an hour of sitting on the bench, my hip started to hurt, and then the pain became unbearable. After two and a half an hours, I started to suffer from the thick ropes, which appeared to cut right into my flesh and press against my bones. I experienced the persecution that many Falun Gong practitioners in China have suffered. The suffering was beyond anybody's imagination. We must stop the persecution immediately!

Watching the New Yorkers hurriedly passing by, I periodically sent out strong righteous thoughts. My eyes were full of tears, and I was so emotional. Deep in my heart, I was shouting, with my compassionate voice, "You fortunate New Yorkers. The chance that you're walking by the anti-torture exhibit is as rare as one day out of thousands of years. Walk slower. Please take the informational materials. Please connect yourselves to the Dafa."

3. People in Manhattan learn the truth in front of the anti-torture exhibit

At Times Square, I heard a lot of people asking "why" when seeing the anti-torture exhibit. English-speaking practitioners would then clarify the facts to them. What I saw the most was their cameras' flashing lights. Some of them took pictures in order to show their relatives after they learned the facts, while others were stunned to see the exhibit and eager to learn the truth.

We were holding another anti-torture exhibit in front of New York's City Hall, where the streets are much wider and there were a lot more passers-by, including many white-collar workers. After learning the truth about Falun Gong, a lot of people were waiting in line to sign the petition. I was so touched. "Yes. Sentient beings are positioning themselves for their futures."

In front of the anti-torture exhibit on 34th Street, a young man came to sign the petition after looking at the exhibit. The next day, he brought his mother to see the exhibit and to sign the petition.

Having studied the exhibit, a lady immediately accepted the truth-clarification newspaper from me. She was about to pay for the paper when I told her that we never charge for the literature and that she could sign the petition to help. She signed right away and was happy to take a VCD as well.

4. A Chinese student comes to the exhibit twice

In front of City Hall, a young Chinese man was seriously looking at the anti-torture exhibit, for the second time. The young man is a student from China. "I knew Falun Gong was good when I was back in China. But not until yesterday when I saw the exhibit, did I realize how cruel the persecution was. I could never imagine that," he said. He told me that right after he went back to school yesterday, he told his classmates and his roommate about the persecution. He said he couldn't help coming back to see the exhibit one more time. With tears in my eyes, I was deeply touched. Sentient beings have been waiting for the opportunity to learn the truth. Once they understand, they become live media that quickly spread the truth. I told him that he should tell his friends and relatives in China about what he saw. He said he would. Then he took away a lot of VCDs and literature to give to his friends.

There are many touching stories in Manhattan every day. Every day, I experienced how Dafa practitioners were saving people from the bottom of their hearts. There I realized where I needed to improve. Compared to the English-speaking practitioners who were clarifying the truth to every passerby, from morning to evening, I realized I had to advance more diligently. Finally I would like to quote Master's new teaching to encourage myself and my fellow practitioners.

"The path that Dafa disciples have walked in validating the Fa--where as they cultivate themselves they also save sentient beings, accommodate the needs of the cosmos's Fa-rectification, and disintegrate and clear away the dark minions and rotten demons that are negatively impacting the Fa-rectification and doing evil against Dafa disciples, as well as all the elements of interference and persecution arranged by the old forces--such is the complete path of cultivation, Consummation, and becoming a magnificent god that Disciples of Dafa walk." (From "My Version of Stick Wake-up", October 15, 2004)