(Clearwisdom.net) In this boundless cosmos, a being is insignificant and life is fleeting.

Some think, "As insignificant as I may be, I am still fortunate to be able to validate the Law of the cosmos and safeguard the truth of the universe. It's so profound that I would protect it with my life."

Some think, "By cultivating, I can become a god, Dao or Buddha, and leave this world of misery once and for all. I will also have good fortune in the human world. I am very fortunate and it's so meaningful. I must cultivate until Consummation and go home with Teacher."

Others think, "What is the truth? What is cultivation? Life is too short. It's better to be realistic and enjoy life. Otherwise, it's not worth living."

The third group of people has the enjoyment of life as their primary purpose. Most people are like that, so I won't delve any further in this group. The first and second groups appear similar, but their points of view are very different.

The first group focuses on the Law of the cosmos. They give of themselves for the truth and are thus selfless, pure and righteous.

The second group's motivation originates from selfishness. Their purpose for cultivating is to reach Consummation. As Teacher pointed out in the article "A Dialogue with Time" in Essentials for Further Advancement, "some have come to study the Fa because they could not find their purpose in life. They are attached to these notions which they are unwilling to change."

The first group places Dafa in the highest position and sees safeguarding Dafa and saving sentient beings as their own mission. Therefore, their actions are righteous, they have strong righteous thoughts and they walk a righteous path.

The second group puts their own elevation and personal cultivation first. They have the attachment of getting rid of their attachments, the attachment to doing things, and have a hidden show-off mentality, zealotry, jealousy, and competitiveness. They are self-centered. On the surface, they are validating Dafa, but in essence, they are validating themselves. With no sense of security, they see the persecution of Falun Dafa as a way to establish their mighty virtue and to improve themselves. They tend to go to extremes. When they do a good job, they want to show off. When they do a poor job, their heart is heavy. These practitioners may even go astray under the pressure of the persecution. After they have achieved something, they think they can rest on their laurels and use it to reach Consummation. They seek comfort and cannot understand the responsibilities of a Falun Dafa practitioner during the Fa-rectification.

These people have obtained the Fa and have a great chance of becoming part of the first group, who are pure Dafa disciples. They are also the ones whom Teacher is trying to save and is giving more chances to. At the same time, they are the targets of the old forces.

The purpose of life is to go back to one's original, true self. It's not easy for Dafa practitioners to rid themselves of selfishness and become one that is selfless. It's difficult, because most of the selfish acts have become second nature.

Teacher has given us a "stick wake-up." We should awaken to it. We should let go of the attachments of human thoughts. We should calm down and study the Fa more and read the experience sharing articles with a calm mind, in order to find our own fundamental attachments.

As long as we remain in the Fa and follow Teacher closely and do the three things well, our attachments will surface and we can get rid of them. In the process, we will become a true, pure Dafa particle.