(Clearwisdom.net) The Zhengzhou City Shibalihe Women's Labor Camp confines Falun Gong practitioners to three main divisions. Newly arriving practitioners are first confined in the "trumpet" division. Assigned to monitor the practitioners 24-hours a day, two drug-addicted inmates impart frequent beatings, curses and insults. Collaborators were employed to brainwash practitioners. Their goal was to create doubt and "reform" them. If they refused to renounce Falun Gong, the drug-addicted inmates were ordered to punish the practitioners with vicious beatings, which entailed kicking, slapping, spitting in their faces, and personal insults. If practitioners cried or yelled during this punishment, dirty sanitary pads were stuffed into their mouths. Every day at seven a.m. practitioners were bought to the workshop. With the exception of a half-hour lunch break at noon, practitioners were forced to work continuously until 10 p.m. Criminal inmates tortured those who were unable to complete the assigned work after working hours.

Because practitioner Zhang Yulan could not bear the long hours of hard labor, she was punished with sleep deprivation. Other inmates were instructed to monitor her to prevent her from falling asleep.

Practitioner Ms. He Junying, over 50 years old, was punished in the "trumpet" division for two months just for writing the statement "Transformation is wrong." To avoid obvious evidence of maltreatment, prison guards arranged for several drug-addicted inmates to stomp and jump on Ms. He's abdomen. By the time she was transferred from the "trumpet" division, her internal organs had hemorrhaged and swelled up from this torture. In order to avoid responsibility in case she died, she was released from the labor camp "on bail for medical treatment."

Another practitioner Ms. Yu, over 30 years old, was brutally tortured by criminal inmates for refusing to write the Guarantee Statement to renounce the practice of Falun Gong. In April 2004, drug addicts Wang Xiaohua from Xuchang City, Wang Shan from Zhengzhou City, and Yang Mayqing from Kaifeng City forced a toothbrush inside Yu's vagina and twisted it around. Afterwards, the same toothbrush was stuck into her mouth to brush her teeth. When she refused to cooperate and started yelling out, they stuffed a used sanitary pad into her mouth to silence her protest.

Practitioner Chen Lijun was tortured in this division until her body was disfigured. She was released from the labor camp for medical treatment but died soon after.

All of these crimes committed by the prison inmates were specifically authorized by Jia Meili, the Three Main Divisions' Chief, with approval from upper management. This woman, notorious for her cruelty, was considered a "model leader" for the labor camp staff. Two other especially vicious supervisors, Hu Lina and Cui Ying, were given the task of "transforming" practitioners. Other key accomplices in the persecution of practitioners were Ren Yuanfang, the political instructor, and Hu Zhaoxia and Zheng Yufeng, the deputy division leaders. All of these people are directly responsible for the vicious persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. They consistently used isolation tactics to punish practitioners determined in their belief. Making false promises to entice practitioners to compromise and other tricks to deceive genuine practitioners were also commonly practiced.

According to the labor camp's policy, practitioners' family members are forced on visiting days to write a vile statement slandering Falun Gong and its founder.