(Clearwidsom.net) Mr. Li Jingjie was 41 years old. He was from Baoning Town, Langzhong City, Sichuan Province. In 2001, Li was arrested after he was reported to the authorities while attending an experience-sharing meeting conducted by other practitioners. At the office of the National Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau in Langzhong City, he was severely tortured with electric batons by Hu Tianjuan, Wang Qi, Liu Menghua, He Zhengyuan, Li Zheng and Hou Guosong, which caused him to jump from the third floor. His backbone was fractured from the fall, and both of his ankles were badly injured. Even after hospital treatment, he was still unable to walk.

After he came back home from the hospital, policeman Hu Tianjuan went to his house to harass him. Under the physical and mental persecution, he passed away at 7 pm on November 17, 2004.