Jilin No.2 Prison is notorious for its cruel persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Many practitioners have been tortured to death there. Only some of the victims' names are known, including Liu Chengjun, Wei Xiushan, and Zhang Jianhua. Various torture methods to persecute practitioners are used in Jilin Prison. The most common ones are: Sleep-deprivation, puncturing the flesh with needles and shocks with electric batons. They even hung practitioners up and poured boiling hot water on them. Recently, a new round of persecution has begun.

In October 2004, police brought practitioner Sun Qian to the Education Section for brainwashing. From then on, he was taken there every morning and brought back after 10:00 p.m. After he was tortured this way for ten days, the guards then put him in the high security section and forced him to sit on a stool spiked with thorns. A criminal prisoner was ordered to monitor him.

Whenever the criminal prisoners saw that the practitioners there were moving or did not sit up straight, they would beat them viciously. Except for meals and bathroom breaks, practitioners were not allowed to leave the stools for 24 hours. The buttocks of many practitioners started to fester and even the bones were exposed.

If practitioners still refused to cooperate, the guards utilized a torture method called the "Stretching Bed," in which they tie the four limbs of the victim to a special bed with four rings attached to the corners. They fix a practitioner's hands and feet to the rings, and put force on the rings. Then the practitioner's body is lifted up, stretching the four limbs, until the joints, muscles, flesh, and skin separate. It is comparable to being 'drawn and quartered' and extremely painful. The victim loses consciousness in a few seconds. After several minutes of this torture, the four limbs are disabled and the victim is unable to even crawl or to put on clothes. Many practitioners have suffered this torture. Some of them were forced to give in to the demands of their tormentors against their conscience because of the pain.

One practitioner's family members witnessed how weak and helpless he had become after only one month of the torture. However, he commented that any practitioner who can still walk after surviving the No.2 prison must consider himself "lucky."

Now Jilin prison is attempting to become a prison directly supervised by the ministry. When outside inspectors arrive, practitioners are locked in a dark storage room where they may or may not be brought food. One practitioner was left naked in a dark corner all day long. Nobody bothered to check on him, although he did not even have toilet paper to use after he had to relieve himself.

The criminal prisoners gave the practitioners a "bath" by spraying them with cold water from a pipe. Then, they used a dirty mop (sometimes studded with nails) to "clean" their bodies and sprayed them with water again. The victims of this torture shivered from the cold.

One practitioner (name unknown) detained in Area 8 was beaten to death for reading Teacher's new article. His body was left in the boiler room unattended.

In Jilin Prison, practitioners are not allowed to wash their dishes with water. They can only wipe their dishes with steamed bread. Human excrement and urine are left in the room, which reeks.

The prison authorities force-fed the practitioners who went on hunger strike, with the help of tools to forcibly pry open their mouths. All of the practitioner's teeth became loose after a few times of such force-feeding. For every force-feeding, 0.25, or even 0.5 kilogram of salt was mixed with water and corn meal and practitioners were not allowed to drink water after being force-fed. Practitioners who became disabled because of such tortures were placed in special cells for the elderly and the disabled, where no one was concerned about whether they lived or died.

Address of the Jilin Judicial Bureau: #46, Xinfa Road, 130051;

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Address of the Jilin Prison Administration Bureau: #46, Xinfa Road, Changchun City, 130051

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Prison Political Section: 86-431-2750062;

Mailing address of Jilin Prison: P.O. Box 315, Jilin City 132012;

Physical location of Jilin Prison: #100, Junmin Road, Jilin City 132012;

Tel: 86-432­4881551;

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List of Policemen:

Director Li Qiang: 86-432-4881551 ext. 3001;

Director of Political Committee Liu Changjiang: 86-432-4881551 ext. 3003;

Residence: 86-432­2497756;

Deputy director Wang Yufan: 86-432-4881551 ext. 3006;

Tan Yuhua, Education Section head: 86-432­4881551 ext.3040;

Residence: 86-432­4832386, Cell 13644478377;

Li Yongsheng, employed by the Education Section

Liu Wei, Prison Political Section: 86-432-2409418;

Lin Zhibin, head of Brigade 5;

Zhang Guilin, employed in Brigade 4;

Pang Hongjun, head of Brigade 6;