(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of December 15, 2004, over 400 teachers and students of Taidong Sports Experimental High School attended their weekly meeting in the school auditorium. This week, the topic of the meeting was "Life Education," and the school administration invited three Falun Gong practitioners to conduct a seminar. The weekly meeting is a routine activity, but this time the audience was very orderly, and actively participated. Warm responses were received after the meeting.

All teachers and students attend the meeting

The lecturers were two graduate students from Donghua University and a female student from Taiwan Culture University. Mr. Taixiang first introduced the purpose of the seminar. The three practitioners came from different places, but Falun Gong brought them together. They wanted to share the beauty that Falun Gong brings to their lives.

Jianhao told a short story called "A Universal Key in Life." He told about finding a universal key that can open the door to the heart, so he can not only solve conflicts among students, but also make his life happier and easier. This universal key is "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance."

Jianhao then introduced the water crystal experiments done by Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan as an example showing that life needs "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." When the large screen displayed the ugly crystal that was produced when the water heard curses, and the beautiful crystals produced when the water heard praise, most of the teachers and students opened their eyes wide and gave out a surprised sigh.

School administrator introduces the three lecturers.

Falun Gong practitioner shows water crystal experiment pictures.

Practitioner Ms. Jiaying grew up in Taidong, and traveled from Taipei to participate in the seminar. She related well to the young students, telling them how she changed from being pessimistic and unconfident to being active and open minded. Jiaying emphasized that Falun Gong is not only for old people. When she talked about how Falun Gong helped her to reconcile the relationship with her mother, her mother, who was sitting in audience, stood up and waved and smiled to the audience. The audience gave her warm applause. In the end, Jiaying showed a short musical movie "You and I are Predestined" to conclude her segment of the seminar.

After the lectures, the Taidong Falun Gong practitioners gave a demonstration of the five sets of exercises. The movements were orderly and beautiful. Many audience members began to learn the movements. Among the demonstrating practitioners, one young boy caught the attention of the audience. He was a sixth-grader from an elementary school in Chishang Township in Taidong County. His mother was interviewed by lecturer Jianhao on the stage. She said that after her son practiced Falun Gong for a week, his allergies and runny nose condition improved. Now after three months of practicing Falun Gong, his physical health has improved significantly. He now wears short sleeved shirts during the winter, even though he was previously very afraid of the cold. So the schoolmaster and the teachers learned that Falun Gong has dramatic effectiveness in improving health.

Exercise demonstration by Taidong practitioners

Mother talks about her son's health improvement after practicing Falun Gong

Mr. Taihsiang added that the easy exercises have profound content. He also showed the audience a short video called "Meditation."

Next, Taihsiang talked about the brutal persecution going on in China. Falun Gong spread quickly in the world and Jiang Zemin envied it so much that he ordered the persecution. Over 100 million people practice Falun Gong in over 60 countries, but in China thousands of practitioners are jailed or sentenced to forced labor camps, and over one thousand practitioners have been tortured to death. The lecturers played a tragic but beautiful love story movie "Meteor Rain." The main actress practiced Falun Gong and was persecuted to death in China. The main actor, her fiancé, later began to distribute flyers on the street that clarified the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution. The students were captivated, and some of them looked like that they had realized something from the movie.

The three lecturers asked questions from time to time to encourage participation from the audience. The people who answered questions were given a delicate paper lotus flower made by Taidong practitioners. The students eagerly raised their hands to answer the questions, and the atmosphere was very active but orderly. Some teachers said after the meeting that it was usually difficult to keep the sports major students sitting for two consecutive hours. But at this weekly meeting it was easy, and the result was outstanding. In the end, the three young lecturers donated some books to the school library. The books included Zhuan Falun.

After the meeting, some warmhearted teachers surveyed a few classes with a questionnaire.

Most students liked the lectures: Votes were distributed evenly among the lectures, demonstrations, and videos.

Suggestions for the lectures: 95% gave positive feedback and no special suggestions.

What you learned from the lectures: Almost every answer sheet had some experiences. Here are some of the comments:

"Life is precious."

"We must remember Tolerance"

"Calm the heart. Don't curse people frequently."

"Look for the source of problems inside yourself."

"In the future, no matter what, I will not swear at other students."

"I learned about 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance' and Falun Gong."

"Need to practice Forbearance."

"Now I know the meaning of 'Falun Dafa is good.'"

"I felt the lecture opened many locks in my heart."

"In the future, if I get frustrated, I will look inside myself. I shall change my bad temper."

"Even water can read words and listen to music!"

"I want to learn the exercises."

"Very interesting"

"Face challengers bravely"

"Forgive people. Give others a chance to correct themselves."

"It helped me a lot."

"I learned that a good thought toward others can change things."

"So the meditation can help the heart calm down, practicing Falun Gong can improve health. It is so powerful."

"Truthfulness is to be a truthful and responsible person. Compassion is to be a kind-hearted person. Tolerance is to be tolerant with all kind of things."