Clarifying the truth to passersby
People who know the truth sign to protest the persecution

Sending forth righteous thoughts

More Western people yearn to know the truth

Recently, more people have begun accepting truth-clarification literature, especially Westerners. Some look at poster boards and stand for quite awhile listening to practitioners explain the facts. In the morning, practitioners hold a banner in front of the World Trade Center area that reads, "Many of your Chinese colleagues are deceived, and are helping spread the Chinese Communist Party's lies. Don't be misled by their words. Learn Falun Gong's true story yourself." Almost all Western people stop to look when passing by, and many accept the truth-clarifying literature.

Two Chinese university students

More Chinese people are accepting the literature as well. For example, two women university students were initially reluctant to take the literature. A woman practitioner talked with them and answered many questions, which were all related to the Jiang faction's slander and lies. They asked, "Why did you conduct self-immolation in Tiananmen Square? Why don't you practice at home?" etc.

The practitioner told them with patience, "We follow the principles of 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.' How can we commit killing or suicide? You see so many people practicing Falun Gong around the world. As Chinese people we should be proud of it. Take a look at Zhuan Falun. Perhaps you have a predestined relationship. If you do, you will continue to read and look for a practice site to learn Falun Gong. If you don't, you will benefit from reading the book as it tells you how to be a good person." In the end, they accepted the literature and said, "Upon listening to what you have said, we will read Zhuan Falun."

Western people with righteous thoughts

One day, two Westerners came up to a practitioner showing the torture methods used in China to force practitioners to give up their beliefs. Upon listening to the practitioner explain the facts, they shed tears and asked to have a group photo taken beside the practitioner showing the torture method. Another day, two passersby saw the anti-torture exhibition, and one of them pointed at the practitioner playing a Chinese guard, "How can you torture them so much?" The other stepped forward and wanted to punch the practitioner acting as the Chinese guard.

One time a Western woman asked a practitioner, "What do you expect to accomplish with this?" The practitioner told her, "First, we hope more people will stand up to help end the persecution in China because the persecution is against humanity. Secondly, we have obtained many Americans' support by their signing our petitions or writing letters. They tell their friends and family members about the anti-torture exhibition, which leads more people to have kind thoughts. This benefits society. Kind hearts and a willingness to help are badly needed in our society." After listening, she appeared to understand and nodded her head.

December 24, 2004