(Clearwisdom.net) The annual sports meeting for the Tainan Yonghwa Elementary School and local community was held this year on December 18. Besides the traditional sports contests, there was a new show this year: the Falun Gong exercises demonstration by first graders.

During the demonstration, the teachers expressed their surprise at the students' changes. Teacher Huang of class 7 grade one said, "When they are doing the second exercise, the student who used to be difficult to quiet down actually does best." Teacher Hong of class 8 said the students concentrated better in class after doing exercise five, and it was easier to manage the class.

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First graders of class 2 and class 7 demonstrate the second Falun Gong exercise.
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First graders of class 8 demonstrate the fifth Falun Gong exercise.

Parents and teachers who watched the exercise demonstration praised the first grade students. They said it was difficult for the easily distracted students to be so concentrated on the exercises. The five sets of exercises also brought a peaceful and serene atmosphere to the sports meeting, and let the teachers and parents feel the beauty of Falun Dafa.